Crooks install skimmer on point-of-sale machine in 2 seconds


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That’s some terrible publicity for Kettle Chips.


Baseball hats and Polo shirts at this point should be stop and friskable.


And tiki torches.


How do they get the captured info off the skimmer, WiFi/Bluetooth? Then they would regularly have to come within range to read it, probably the parking lot outside.


Technically it’s not right under her eyes as the accomplice distracts her by asking her to get something that requires her turning around. It’s kind of chilling how he goes from Mr. Friendly with a big smile to cold-blooded predator in the couple of seconds she’s turned away and then back again. I don’t know about the other guy, but I wouldn’t want to encounter Mr. Friendly in any context.

Along with non-bank ATMs I try to avoid gas station and convenience store paypoints because they seem to be favourite targets of these scumbags. It’s far from 100% protection but it reduces the odds.

Seems to be Bluetooth.


Saw this over the 4th of July holiday.

Yep, that’s a mobile ATM at a traveling, regional carnival. Now, I’m not saying that it’s for sure been pwn3d, but personally, I wouldn’t even touch it with someone else’s debit card.


wait, so why can’t POS machine detect bluetooth skimmers near them…as in, in and on them? Oh I know, because they’re all PoS.


internal chip? - whip the thing back off in 2 seconds and walk away


Well you gotta gas up sometime right? Paying to pump inside the gas station is safer, but i suppose paying cash inside is safer still… but i personally wouldn’t go to that extreme. I just make sure to check the card reader carefully at the station i frequent and if i’m ever doubtful i use my credit card instead of debit card.


Edging dangerously close to Dad Joke territory but I’ll allow it. +1


That’s an interesting idea: detect if a skimmer has been placed over it. It might work with putting small photo-voltaic sensors in between the numbers and next to the swipe strip. If a skimmer is placed over them, things go dark and trigger the alarm.


A co-worker of mine always checks wifi and bluetooth signals when at a gas station to see what it picks up, if she gets something she goes inside to pay instead. I admit i’ve never done this myself so i don’t know how effective it is or isn’t at seeing if there’s a skimmer in the area.


There was a rash of skimmers on gas pumps here recently and some local law enforcement officer encouraged people to pay inside just to be safe. Seems to me that training gas station employees to regularly check for skimmers is the more rational option.


This strikes me as similar to web security whistle-blowers. You’re more likely to be caught and punished for “looking suspicious” while trying to check for security than the sneaky fucker who mucked things up in the first place.


My younger baby stayed up all last night working on sprouting her left front tooth, and grey has sprouted concurrently in my lower left beard area and is metastasizing across my cool 30-something permastubble. The last of my Dad-Joke-prevention brain cells are hanging on by a thread…


The video goes on for so long after the skimmer is installed that I start to expect them to pull a change scam as well.


this is why you should never swipe your card and always use chip-and-pin instead. demagnetise your card today to avoid future problems.


thought when I read it it was on fidget spinners… cue balls
as it is I don’t have a thing to wear :slight_smile:


My hope is that the scammers themselves were scammed, and that someone sold them a fake skimmer. I mean, what are they gonna do, call the cops? Demand a refund? Call the BBB? Or “7 on Your Side?”