Duo suspected of installing card skimmers at LA area banks


I guess they should have put up the money for the GSM models.

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How does one manage to install a skimmer on actual bank ATMs without being caught on the cameras they all have pointing right at your face? Seems like it’d be smarter to go for a third-party one, or maybe a gas pump like you have in the stock photo there.


This stuff really bothers me. You can even be trying to be careful and still get scammed. Look at this site and how sophisticated the overlays are.

From your link:

All without anyone ever suspecting foul play. Identity theft expert Robert Siciliano, in conjunction with the local police, demonstrated how easy it actually is using an old ATM bought from a bar going out of business. With a few keystrokes he pulled up the transaction history for the previous four months, giving him the card number of every recent user of that machine.

So someone can take/buy an ATM and get all the recent credit card numbers off of it? That seems like a bad idea.

It seems like people need to be suspicious of every ATM or debit card scanner. Some machines are more susceptible to installation of card skimmers, but I would think that any machine could have its network compromised in some way (is that what happened with Target?). I have no overdraft on my debit card and I have alerts for activity >$1, so I am not sure what else I can really do.

[Long unrelated ramble.] Thinking about all of this reminded me that it has been awhile since I got my annual credit report. The first two were fine (one spells my middle name wrong, so I guess I will call them on Monday). The third one, however, got weird when they were asking me questions to verify my identity. The first question said that their records indicate I got a mortgage loan in 2010 and they want me to identify the company. I have never gotten a mortgage loan. The second question was about the monthly payment for the loan. Then there were two more questions where I had to pick “none of the above”. In total four out of the five questions got “none of the above”, which seems weird. Plus at this point I am freaking out because I apparently have this unauthorized mortgage loan. I get to my report and see no mortgage loan listed. Why would their identity verification questions state that their records indicate I have a mortgage loan?!?

Where I live, gloves and a scarf across your face draws little suspicion. Except in June.

thanks. http://krebsonsecurity.com/2010/12/why-gsm-based-atm-skimmers-rule/

from that:
“That’s not all: There is one more important part. We had few times that the police has seen the device, and does not take it off, black jeeps stays and observe, and being replaced by each hour. But the equipment still not removed. They believe that our man will come for it. And our observers see this circus, and together with it holders go as usual, and tracks come with PINs as usual.”

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