A rookie ICE agent makes an embarrassing mistake

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH a rookie ICE agent totally misunderstands his role and the system; hilarity ensues.



I have been repeating this for years.

If companies were really punished for hiring illegals, we’d have way less illegals.

As it stands, they get tipped off, ignored, given a pass, and generally treated like unfortunate bystanders in a problem of their own making.

Yep, gonna be folks that come anyway, but remove the economic benefits, and the vast majority of illegals will figure something else out.

I wish there was a hammer large enough to get this through the skulls of the people who think a giant wall is the answer.


You should report them.


I’ve been saying this for years. Illegal immigration could be stopped quickly and easily. All it would take is heavy fines (perhaps based on a percentage of gross profits), and jail time for individuals and corporate boards who hired the illegals.

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Really, can we please discontinue the use of the word “illegals”? This only aids the slow creep of fascism.


This assumes that people moving to USA to take shitty, low paid jobs is a problem that needs solving. If employers violate safety standard, minimum wage laws etc. fine them for that instead of who they hire. If “illegals” know they can report violations without risk of being deported, it would also be a lot easier to find the worst scumbags among the employers.




People are people. Fuck this “illegal” shit.

Really ironic hearing wypipo rant about illegals when their state formed illegally (Texas, home of the white supremacist separatists), when their cities were built illegally, when their entire nation was built on the mass violation of moral justice.

People are NOT illegal. People are people, and people deserve to be treated with the rights and dignity they deserve as humans, dammit.


Which is why rather than waste so much time and effort with ICE hunting down day laborers, domestics, agricultural help and kitchen staff, we should be issuing manual labor visas instead.

Clearly there is a demand for the work, little to no Americans willing to do it, and documentation would solve a lot of labor law issues.

But there is no fun in that because it doesn’t allow government agencies to be used to harass people of color for shits and giggles. Our immigration policy is mostly guided by white supremacist goals.


They seem to be punishing some companies in my area:


My use of “illegals” is shorthand for “Illegal immigrants”.

…because I’m posting on a message board on the internet, not writing an article, book or thesis, and everyone understands it.

I think this might be on the very bottom of what’s causing the slow creep of fascism, or maybe this exchange is the very top?


I’ve always been deeply uncomfortable with the “punish the employers more” angle. When I hire someone, it shouldn’t be my job to spy and snitch for law enforcement. Down that path lies distrustful East German style dystopia. And related, please resist all efforts to make E-Verify mandatory (and that’s where the punish-the-employers-harshly angle points towards- if everyone knows the punishment is severe, of course you would use the thing that covers your ass). People shouldn’t require gov’t permission to make an honest living, that’s as totalitarian as it gets.

Certainly the idea that they will find work is one of several motivators for crossing illegally, but turning a blind eye or not snitching is not the same thing as ‘luring’ them to the US. Absent a purposeful scheme to import laborers illegally, the employers are simply giving a job to someone in front of them who needs one, and I have a very hard time calling that a negative. I doubt the human being employed would call it that.


I briefly worked for a restaraunteur in Chicago who I later discovered hired undocumented workers primarily for the reason that they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell. He abused this angle mercilessly, witholding many weeks’s pay for several of his workers. I was in a quandry because if I reported him, my fellow workers would be jobless. And he had the gall to call us greedy for wanting to be paid in full.


Unfortunately this hasn’t gotten old yet


A proper and more precise word is “undocumented”.

Crossing without using a designated checkpoint is a misdemeanor for at least the first couple of offenses (providing it’s known). By your logic, one could assume most of the U.S. is populated by “illegals”, as most of us routinely commit misdemeanors in our daily lives (assault, tax evasion, petit theft, whatever).


I was wondering what was the need. I can understand why they had to tighten the policies on immigration. But it was very, very sad and stupid.

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Why did they have to tighten the policies on immigration?

Most of our problems on the matter are because they are too restrictive and don’t take into account our labor needs or the positive effects of family based immigration.


Unfortunately your use of the term also makes you sound like one of the mouth-breathing right-wing xenophobes being mocked in the cartoon. You won’t hear serious people using that term (“undocumented” is the more accurate and less stigmatising term), but if you’re willing to shoot yourself in the foot when making an otherwise valid point that’s your choice.