Trump's touted ICE raids damaging California economy


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This is a feature, not a bug.


Obvious solution: hire 1.5 million US teenagers to fill the roles. That’s why we are deporting all of the Mexicans right, because they were taking our jobs? Certainly there must be that many just itching to spend 18 hours hunched over in a field picking strawberries…


I picked raspberries as a teenager in California. Hated it, only lasted a couple of days. But I knew where my next meal was coming from, unlike many illegals. Fortunately, it’s not harvest season, for the most part.


Next time, vote Republican – if you know what’s good for you.



Call it the alternative school for all of those brown students who would otherwise be in the school-to-prison pipeline.




Where are all the 'muricans standing in line for the jobs???


He “threatened” to withdraw ICE from CA recently.


Schrödinger’s immigrant: simultaneously stealing your job and too lazy to work.


Wasn’t that the idea?



Wait, I thought illegal immigrants were draining the economy. You’re saying now they were contributing to it, and removing them harmed it?


I picked apples for a few days. I sucked at it. The professionals were so fast.



Uh… no duh!
I’m winning so hard right now!


I don’t think 45 eats fruit or vegetables of any kind so he won’t really care just so long as 'Merica is white.


French Fries are vegetables.


Delightful. Get ready for the food riots, everyone!


all those laid off coal workers are certainly used to good ol’ manual labor…right? RIGHT?!


Nah, we’ll just import all the food our country needs from across the border (with a hefty mark-up for shipping, of course). That’ll show those Mexicans.