“This bill is 100% supposed to scare you,” says Rick Roth, Florida State Representative

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Here’s hoping the state’s economy crashes big time this year.

Sorry, my Florida friends.


I don’t actively hope for it, but I can’t see how it won’t; migrant workers make up a huge percentage of farmhands, documented or not.


As a resident of another mildly disasterous Republican experiment I have such mixed feelings.

It sucks to be dragged along such a path by the vanity of men.


“I voted for <crazy narcissist fascist> and am surprised that his actions are ruining the economy of my state/country therefore… i’ll vote for them again at the next opportunity. If for no other reason because i’m told he scares/annoys the lib-ruls.”


Maybe a typo?

“This bill is 100% supposed to scar you.”


And when the price of produce rises even further as a result of this inhumane law, the QGP will blame it all on Biden, completely ignoring the important contributions to our economy that migrant workers make and that the fault is 100% their own.


Well, the wrong people, anyway; given the other bills that have been signed into law, it’s pretty obvious who they consider to be desirables.
These laws can’t possibly help a State economy that has Tourism and Agriculture as major components.

You mean, what the Governor has been doing is now officially against the law?
Did he read the thing before signing it?
Yeah, I know… IOKIYAD.


I’ve said this before, but Georgia did this experiment. It ended badly, crashing the economy and finally being rescinded. Of course, MoRon is incapable of learning, but for anyone to expect any different outcome is just sad.


Einstein didn’t say it, but it’s still true never the less:

Genius quote


Wait wait wait - if DeSantis pays for all these flights to transport migrants from Texas to Sacramento, isn’t he guilty under that law?


DeSantis slogan: “Make America Florida”

(Insert video of Bugs sawing off Florida)



The state should had pull its own bootstraps. I thought the immigrants were taking their “jobs”

Not caring about history, these fascists probably don’t aware their “America First” was built on the back of slaves (now incarcerated people) and immigrants. They thought their plantations, infrastructure, and economy were built and ran by dumb fucks with guns without turning into something likes this.


I have to say. I live in the 4 corners section of Polk County. When people say the orange orchards are dropping oranges on the grown from not being picked? Theyre not lying. Its a good thing its now June and picking season ends this month until Oct. Maybe theyll be able to convince white people to pick oranges at 4 bucks a barrel by then. And as far as teachers go? I know a few and ALL of them are looking to leave. If not already put thier houses up for sale. And Disney? My kids work for disney and my SIL for Universal. I will tell you that there are some within these companies that are hoping both companies would just pack up ship and move to another state. They would follow them to that new state in a heart beat. They know it would never happen. But this is how much this state scares them right now. The continued fight against black, brown, and LGBTQ people is in full swing in FL and its creating a mass exodus in multiple industries. Now im a libertarian. So i believe each state should take care of its own. And the way this state is going with all this hate, along with the insurance fiasco the governor created. FL is now going to be safe OR financially feasible for anyone.

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I have a hard time accepting that my rights as a person should depend so completely upon which part of my country I happen to be living in at the moment.


That’s too bad, since that’s not how our system works. We tried that early on (articles of Confederation) and it did not work. If we’d continued with that constitution, instead of adopting the current, more flexible Constitution that allows for change and clearly describes the relationship between state and the federal government in pretty unambiguous language (supremacy clause), we would not be a country today. This experiment has worked, in part because of the US Constitution and the fact it’s a living document.

It’s the “libertarian” mindset that is very much contributing to the current situation in FL… people who refuse to acknowledge some constitutional amendments, that clearly lay out the ways in which you can not violate people’s human rights.

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The constitution should provide a floor for human rights that no state can violate (among other things). If they do, the full force of the federal government should be brought to bear to correct the issue. States benefit materially from being part of the US, and they need to protect the constitutional order and basic human rights.


Do you mean each state should provide needed care and resources for its own residents? Because that sounds like a fine idea but not a very libertarian one.


The Articles of Confederation were completely unable to work for even an agrarian economy with
fewer people than several cities today.

We’d have definitely lost WWII under that system- if we had somehow managed to survive. Which we didn’t - that couldn’t make it for 15 years.


Correction- they were so shoddy and ill advised that they barely made it a decade. That’s on seriously shitty political system.


I imagine he’d probably claim it’s okay when he did it because, technicality, either:

  • He was shipping around asylum seekers whose claims are being processed.
  • Have not heard this, but maybe he was careful to only misleadingly ship immigrants who had some documentation.

I’m sure to DeSantis supporters it doesn’t matter if it was hella unethical in either case, as long as there’s the slimmest shred of an excuse to claim he wasn’t violating some letter of the law.


I thonk you are giving him too much credit in the thought department. He knows laws apply to the less-thans, not to ubermensch like him.