Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proud that he sent two planes of migrants to Martha's Vineyard

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I’ll never understand why Cuban-Americans have (as a group) been so supportive of the Republican Party. Here are a bunch of Latinx refugees—many fleeing communist regimes—and the “I’ve got mine” crowd can’t see the parallels.


This is what “owning the libs” looks like.


“The governor then approved for the program to be funded using $12 million accrued from Florida’s share of the federally funded Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund, appropriated to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)” , Newsweek

The man appropriated millions of dollars in COVID relief funds for this “program” to somebody else’s problem human beings as a political stunt. Similar actions have been taken in Arizona and Texas sending people to DC.

I’m glad they will be treated better where they end up but this is scum all the way down.


Look up Clinton and Elián González. That decision has had lasting consequences on the relationship between Democrats and Cuban-Americans. Plus my understanding (and please someone correct me if I’ve misunderstood) is that demographically members of Caribbean, central and south American countries tend to be more religiously conservative and would find more in common with the GOP.


Another great legacy of the Trunp admin: states vs states. If Desantis really wanted to fuck with Martha’s Vineyard, he send a planeload of people who voted for him.


Two questions,

Do kidnapping laws apply here?

And if not, do we get to send our violent criminals and drug addicts to Florida, where they would fit in better?


It’s so much the same for Mexican-Americans on the West Coast. Here in northern Mexico, they call them “ladder-lifters”.


they’ll fit right in up in New Port Richey.


If I’m not mistaken Cuban Expats tend to be the ones who had the resources to get out and were the ones whose “family businesses” were targeted by Castro’s regime for nationalization. They are political migrants, as opposed to economic migrants, and Republicans have historically taken a harder line on Castro. Plus they are primed to hate Democratic “soshalizm” moreso than other migrant groups.


Gonna be hard for DeSantis and Abbott to run for president when they’re in a federal supermax for human trafficking.


Conservatives just love being turds, don’t they.


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For authoritarian sadists, aka “conservatives”, this is the sort of thing they love: making poor people hurt by treating them like crap, and hurting a supposed heartland of bleeding heart liberalism by dumping the undesirables into their lap. Add the smug attitude of “whaddya gonna do about it, ya pussies?” and it’s the full package of Republican garbage person behaviour.


But even that part is so fucking insane.

“20something years ago a Democratic President returned a refugee child to his home country which was governed by an oppressive communist regime. That’s why we support the Republicans’ immigration policy, which is to forcibly return THOUSANDS of refugees to countries governed by oppressive communist regimes.”


Republicans in Florida have exploited the Cuban population in South Florida for decades, by pretending that they would somehow magically be repatriated after Castro leaves power. Rubio in particular has maintained this fantasy to retain his position and influence with them. That first wave of immigrants who escaped Castro’s takeover were indeed the wealthy landowners and business-owners who were hardline anti-communists who bitterly opposed Castro. They are the reason that the foreign policy of the US has helped to keep Cuba poor and desperate all these years later.


Oh DeSantis Man, where you gonna run to
All on that day?


There were orderly and humane ways to send these people to a place where they’re wanted. Once again, though, the cruelty is the point for smirking fascists like DeSantis.


I look forward to these hopefully-future-citizens-and-voters remembering who showed them compassion and who used them as pawns for a political game.


and just wait till they hear about parents forcibly separated from their children never getting to see them grow up because of the republican regime they support :cry:

my uncle’s late wife was just as conservative as he is. her parents were from mexico. and she had a strong belief that everyone should get in “the right way”

what never made sense to me is: we get to decide what the right way is.

open the borders, give people the freedom of movement that is a human right, let people come and go, work whatever jobs they want to work, problem solved. everyone wins