ICE is creating a new citizens' academy to train civilians to arrest immigrants

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Let’s make sure this agency goes on the “defund it” list.


What could possibly go wrong?

/s [just in case]


Defund, disband, and prosecute.


Beat me to it. This is Brownshirt U. I just hope that ICE doesn’t figure out that NextDoor is a prime recruiting platform for them, what with all the racist busybodies on the site.


Obviously I’m not familiar with the course, but if this somehow allows any civilian to ‘arrest’ some other possibly-illegal civilian, I think we should all attend and start arresting anyone who looks like they might have illegally immigrated here from Canada or Norway…


I’d rather see ICE out money and time to arresting and prosecuting those who hire illegal persons; they drive demand and gain benefit.

And before someone says “No person is illegal,” remember that that is a load of nonsense. because no person is illegal, but people do plenty of illegal things all the time, and a nation has a right to protect it’s sovereignty and borders.

No. It’s not.

Borders are made up things. Human beings are not.


This is a complicated issue.

Firstly, I agree in principle with this idea - provide a path to legalization for undocumented workers here today who are otherwise “legal”, and then heavily prosecute those who hire outside of the legal pool. This is important for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is that undocumented workers have none of the legal protections of anyone else, including healthcare and unimployment insurance, which is terrible to go without at the moment.

However! This would almost certainly result in an increase in costs for goods like food staples and other items needed by low-income families as much as anyone else, so care has to be taken to take that into account as these sorts of changes are enacted.


But they aren’t. Seriously. Get on a plane, go to Tokyo, don’t bring your passport. And at customs say loudly " BUT NO PERSON IS ILLEGAL" and see how far that gets you.

Many things are made up. The rules of the road are made up. The US Constitution is made up. Doesn’t mean they’re not real, doesn’t mean they don’t matter.


They are made up things. Sorry. There was a time that passports didn’t exist. There was a time when the boundaries of the US were very different, and were changed by acts of genocide. And some of the people who descendants are coming to the US undocumented had ancestors born in what is NOW the US…

Human rights should always come first. Anything that isn’t in the service of protecting that needs to be changed.


If slave labor is keeping the cost of your food low, you need to pay more for food. It’s that simple.


Are you even listening to yourself here?


That is a naive and simplistic view of things when folks are struggling right now to put food on their plates. You can decide those folks don’t matter, but I choose to care about the population being able to feed itself. Basically: don’t be a dick.

You can’t say “well too bad” and hope it works out. It’s a problem, it’s one that needs to be addressed, and it’s one that was created in part because of undocumented workers being here. You can’t put either genie back in the bottle.



It might help if we didn’t treat basics of survival (food/clean water, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education) like a commodity in the first place, but instead like the necessities that they are. We subsidize goods like corn to keep it cheap on the market, we can subsidize actual necessities for people, too.


But they do now. And I like to argue based on what is, not a fuzzy conception of ‘could be.’

In other words, if you told customs in Tokyo or Toronto or Tallahassee or Toledo or Taipei that you don’t need a passport because they’re just made up, that would get you a cell and laughed at.

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If think migrant farm workers (for which there is an official visa class, by the way) are “slave labor” then you need to learn a whole lot more about the complicated system of food production in this country. Your position as stated thus far, on a complex topic, is childish in its lack of nuance and understanding.


If employers had to hire only Americans, wages would go up. And then people could better afford food.

The way to deal with slave labor supressing cost s and wages is not to go ’ Oh, well, nothing to be done."