Trump administration to radically expand 'Expedited removal' of immigrants, extrajudicial detention to increase

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The United States Constitution, Amendments 5 and 14, both specifically use the term “person” rather than “citizen” when laying out the right to due process. How is this change legal?


Because nobody watching the watchmen has the power (or spine) to stop it.


Anyone prepared to lay odds on the number of days until the first false positive occurs?


That’s exactly what I was thinking.

I’ll go with a month until someone who isn’t an immigrant is deported because they can’t show their documents when stopped at a road block.

A road block that was already ridiculous when it was almost 100 miles from the boarder, but now might be anywhere.





So everyone who might not look “American” to some racist thug with a badge now has to carry their passport with them 24/7/365. Have I got that right?



This should be positively terrifying, given how competent the government and ICE have proven to be already. This is practically a license to “disappear” any “problem” off-white folk. Even if they target someone who is a citizen, they can claim confusion.

I suppose it could be used against problem white folk as well. But that’s later. First they need to see how well this flies. Given how we’ve gotten to this point, they’re probably golden. I hope to be proven wrong.


and at least 15,000 children being held right now, thousands still in those concentration camps for months, way longer than the 72-hour max by law, hasn’t gone away despite the newsmedia making all coverage VANISH, just freaks me out everyone is suddenly ignoring this like it was solved?


Nazis goin to nazi, just how tRump Co. wants it.


Their end game is to illegally deport anyone who isn’t a Trump supporter.


Can we pick negative days? If so, I’ll take -210 days:


While I’m certain that’s in the game plan, I have my doubts about that being the end game. It won’t stop there. It just won’t.


A waste and a crime.

NOTHING will stop America being a destination for undocumented entrants UNLESS WE FIND, PROSECUTE and PUNISH those who hire them. I don’t want my taxes going to deport people – I want them going to punish and destroy people who don’t check to be sure they’re hiring American citizens.

You and I save money from undocumented labor, but we don’t esp. make it – we pay less for some things. Meanwhile, Purdue and Tyson Chicken plants hire undocumented labor, treat them worse, work them harder, for less money – and make billions.

I don’t want a war on undocumented persons. I want a war on Americans who hire them and profit from them. A few minor deportations will change nothing, but American executives in jail for employing undocumented persons will change a lot.

Any Democrat with a sane, moral immigration policy that respects America’s borders and sovereignty, and is designed for function against plutocrats over cruelty to serfs will have my vote.


You are correct. That’s why the comment has an edit.


Or how about we just enact and enforce labor laws that ensure all workers get a fair living wage, thus removing any incentive for employers to hire undocumented workers instead of American citizens.

And if those employers STILL can’t find enough Americans who want to do back-breaking agricultural work in the hot sun all day then we recognize it’s time to issue more work visas to bring in people who will.


While I appreciate the sentiment, it’s that profit that has bought them the politicians that are pushing this agenda. If the government suddenly went after the people profiting from the work of illegal immigrants, that would be biting the hands that feed them.

They’re aiming for more than a “few” and it does change one thing. It gives people fewer places to turn if they are being mistreated, and makes them less likely to turn against their employers when it happens. Especially if they know the business owner isn’t going to get in any trouble, and the employee is going to be thrown out of the country.

I was in the middle of reading the original version when it disappeared on me, and clicking on the pencil icon isn’t showing me what it said, so I couldn’t be sure where you were going with it.

But yeah. This is one more goose step down the road to ruin.


Given how many thousands of US citizens have been wrongly detained by ICE in recent years (and some for extended periods of time), I’d say it entirely depends on what the manpower is that they throw at this. Could be within a matter of hours.

I’m assuming we’re only counting actual, future deportations here. Otherwise… yeah.

Well, that’s already the case, even if the law doesn’t support the practice.


(And it’s not like the cops refrain from doing the same, even when it’s fully outside their remit.)

That’s not going to happen - notice that the ICE raids are entirely in urban areas, not the rural areas that depend on undocumented labor for agriculture. That’s by design - it’s an extension of Jim Crow policies that were intended to keep a captured labor force on the farms.


Doesn’t matter whether it is. The current thinking of TPTB isn’t “is it legal?” but “can we get away with it?”

This isn’t strictly a US problem, either. It happens anywhere where the system allows for a certain class(es) of people to regularly get away with flaunting the law when that class(es) find themselves in charge (as they almost inevitably do).

When CEOs don’t go to jail for blatant crimes, their sons (and sometimes daughters) learn that the law is for other people. And they govern accordingly.