Trump administration to radically expand 'Expedited removal' of immigrants, extrajudicial detention to increase

Sorry about that. But if the US doesn’t stop marching toward fascism, the internet has a long memory.


There aren’t ‘Jobs Americans won’t do.’ There are jobs American’s won’t do under the circumstances, for that amount of pay, or under unsafe conditions.

As long as Employers are not prevented and punished for hiring non-Americans, nothing will change and wages will be kept low by undocumented persons.

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And if my government won’t turn against bad employers, I will vote for a government that will. Every time.

Again, if the Democrats weren’t so fucking dumb on this, they could win on it. But people who think borders are for meanies will get Trump re-elected.


There are jobs that very few Americans will do for anything less than a shit-ton of money. “Migrant agricultural worker” is one of those jobs. (And yes, they would have to be migrants because the labor has to go wherever the current harvest is.)

Another job that few Americans will do for anything less than a shit-ton of money is “go to bed with Donald Trump,” but I digress.


This expansion does not sound legal. Its too easy to abuse this just to make life hell for people you don’t like.


Oh, believe me, I get that. I want it too, and so much more. But the bulk of this crop of government boobs will never – ever – stop sucking on the money hose. All the things we need to save our democracy will be shot down by them because it works against their self interest. Until something happens that makes it clear not fixing it will be even worse for them. I’m afraid that will require blades to throats before it will happen.

We can try voting them out, but I have a hunch the next general election is going to ratchet the dirty tricks up to 11. After that, our elections will be democratic in name only.

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You deliberately elided my sentence for your rhetorical benefit. As I originally said, there aren’t jobs Americans won’t do – there are jobs Americans won’t do for that pay, or under those conditions, or for those hours. So if employers have to choose between paying those higher-level wages – and yes, a meat processor who cleans your chicken SHOULD be well-paid, so your food is more likely to be safe and secure – or paying low, below-sustenance wages to someone they can threaten with deportation or who has no legal agency with OHSA or the Labor Dept., they will pick the second every time. And Americans can and will move around to pick crops, if they’re paid a wage they can and their family can survive on.

Undocumented/illegal labor damages the rights and wages and lives of citizens and taxpayers. I’m tired of enriching plutocrats by subsidizing a physically-and-legally porous border.


I never stated that there are jobs that Americans will not do under any circumstances.

I am saying that the reason employers hire undocumented workers isn’t because we don’t punish businesses that don’t check immigration status; it’s because we allow businesses to pay employees such low wages that few native-born citizens are willing to do the work.


Haha, wow. Yeah, Democrats hate borders. Got any other strawmen you’d like to beat up?


I don’t believe Democrats hate borders. I’m just saying what Repubs will be saying, loudly, betw. now and 2020.

They’ll also be screaming all manner of racist and sexist epithets. I don’t see any reason to help them amplify that nonsense either.


Seeking to understand the opposition is not amplifying them; ignoring the opposition is not defeating them, either.

You literally just characterized progressives as “people who think borders are for meanies.”


I said nothing about progressives.

Sorry, dude.

Soon, we will all be Good Germans. Sigh. This account of the initial fallout from an ICE raid in Philly is devastating:

How long until those who shelter or support people being deported are subject to immediate deportation? What happens when the 200 key people running GOTV efforts in a key state get whisked off shortly before an election? Things are bad enough right now but, whew, ICE is rapidly being reconfigured to do far more. The layers of no due process on top of no accountability on top of no transparency on top of a huge group of people willing and able to make tens of thousands (hundreds?) of people disappear will soon have even more reasons to grow.


And who thinks this? I can’t think of a single Democrat that’s in Congress that is pushing for “open borders” despite how much Trump falsely claims the opposite. There’s certainly a fringe of the far, far left that wants to abolish borders completely but approximately 0% of them are actually making policy.


Also one where illegal immigrants have stepped up to the plate.


Though she still ended up in a detention facility with a creepy, older guard.


No one is saying that; at the same time, that Debate Night #2 show-of-hands on Healthcare for Undocumented persons, with every hand raised, is going to launch 1,000 Republican Opposition Ads.

They can spend all they money they want on this, I doubt this would move the needle. Anybody playing the middle at this point is guaranteed to lose.