7-Eleven accused of weaponizing ICE raids to shed troublesome franchisees


Why? You aren’t. The people most accountable are the ones who create immigration policies which serve white supremacist interests but not our labor needs.

If you are hiring undocumented workers, you are most likely in a field which

BTW, if you actually seek a job is capable of being done by undocumented workers, you are a failure of our education system. It means you are so stupid, uneducated and unskilled that you can be replaced by a menial laborer who doesn’t necessarily speak the language.

Your fellow citizens who might really need a living wage would rather collect welfare than do the jobs we are giving to undocumented workers. If you really gave a shit about citizens working for living wages, you would support organized labor. The thing that has created living wages and safe work conditions for people. But I bet you are one of those pogues who votes Republican and attack your own economic interests.


This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. 7-Eleven is an utter clown factory of dolts, sociopaths, and incompetents from the top down. I know, because I work there.

Why, you ask? Because they’ve bought virtually all of the competing convenience store chains still in existence. They bought the chain I worked at (Tedeschis), they’ve bought the Sunoco store chain, they just keep eating chain after chain after chain, and running the stores into the ground and then selling the sites to fly-by-night no-name outfits that run off of the same underdocumented folks that’re getting nailed in the original post here. That’s what happened at the store I originally worked at; about a year after they bought the Tedeschi chain, 7-Eleven sold it out from under me with two weeks notice. I stuck with the store under the new owners, and then nine months later, the new owners brought in a new crew of kids who speak almost no English and work 12 hour shifts seven days a week, and fired me with no notice.

I don’t blame the kids, they seem like nice enough dudes, but they’re getting hella screwed outta this deal. There’s no way they’re getting anything even remotely resembling a decent wage, or any kind of overtime for the hellish hours they’re working. I blame the creeps that run the operation, and the supercreeps like DePinto that make it possible for them. I ended up going to work for the other surviving 7-Eleven in town, because I’ve been working 3rd shift convenience retail for the last thirty years, and there aren’t a lot of other options in that direction anymore.

The problem is, 7-Eleven as a company is really terrible at running their own stores. They’ve been running as a primarily franchise op for so long that the core of the company doesn’t remember how to run their own stores at all. The supply chains are a clusterfuck, corporate policies change every week, the store-branded product lines are just utter crap, and every time they acquire a new chain, all the store managers run for the door as soon as the takeover gets finalized. All they’re left with are the chumps who can’t get jobs anywhere else.

Like me, apparently.


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