8-year-old boy drives to McDonald's after quick driving tutorial on YouTube


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This is a red flag for me. Who the fuck goes to bed at 8PM? I suspect drug use (edit: failed attempt at humor. Please ignore.)

Wow, I would to have a link to this video.


People who have to get up early in the morning?


That’s quite the accusation that you’re basing on not much evidence.


Yeah, I’d give it a thumbs-up vote.


Most any parent of young children, if only they could manage to find a way of doing so.


Funnily enough, I was about to ask why you were here posting instead of at work.

I suspect you’re a drug dealer who’s on the street corner.


I have to get up at 6am for work, I try to go to bed at 10, or 10:30. I frequently miss and hit 11, or midnight. If I had to get up for work at 4am I would totally be shooting for more like 8pm to bed.

So maybe his parents have an early morning shift? Or maybe they just got back from another timezone and were jet lagged. Lots and lots of reasons this happens “once in a while”.


…and have likely as not failed to feed their kids? And were subsequently retrieved by grandparents? :thinking:


People who have to get up for work at 4am?



Apparently, EVERYONE beat me to this point… sorry to pile on, @joey_bladb!


Despite having had a decent meal, children are still quite capable of craving junk food later. Also, there is the small matter that the parents may have no longer had a car readily available…


Drivers from Washington and Oregon, take note.


Maybe. Or maybe their jobs have them working weird hours.

And this. Many kids that young would be in bed by 7pm. You crash when they crash, sometimes.


Note that the Grandparents picked them up… Parents in bed by 8 PM, not realizing the kids are going out for a joy ride, grandparents going to pick up the kids… even if it was the only car, it was a mile and a half… (max 30 minutes walk, or the cops could have picked them up too…). I’m not suggesting drugs, but it is suspicious. Just like Comet Ping Pong. :wink:


No 30 year prison sentence for the 8 year old? Grandparents not tasered to death? Did Ohio join Canada?


Oh for fuck’s sake, I’m being intentionally over-reactionary for humorous effect. I guess I need to go back to comedy school.


I caught the joke, Joey. For what it’s worth. :slight_smile:


I applaud this young man on his initiative.

I wish he would youtube a better place to eat than MacDonalds - but ? mile and a half, and he knew how to get there… :slight_smile: