Mechaphile recalls losing virginity to a VW Beetle




Big whoop. Now, losing it in a classic Beetle…


I’ll tell ya what – put a John Deere between my legs and I’ll show ya what being a man is all about.


Fuck traffic.


Well, he already has a pretty kickass anthem…



Sometimes metaphors are not your friends.


Some outstanding examples of, ahem, autoeroticism, are to be found in several of Phychon’s novels. In particular, in “V” you find Rachael Owlglass with an GM model. And, in “Gravity’s Rainbow”, well, everybody is getting it on with V-2 rockets.


Masturbating is considered losing virginity?


For certain paraphilias, where actual penetrative sex is either physically impossible or crazy dangerous, I suppose so.

But it does lend a whole 'nother level of meaning to the song “I Love My Truck.”


Thank goodness he wasn’t into rocket ships or they’d have to change the paint job.


Ew!!! /me pukes.


Hundred-mile High Club!


Probably measures from the taint, too.


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