Media Matters publishes useful guide to Project 2025, the extreme right-wing agenda that "represents a threat to democracy, civil rights, the climate, and more"

Project 2025 has collaborated with extremist anti-abortion groups such as Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, Students for Life of America, and the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

That last one sounds especially fake. Hm. Partnered with the “American College of Pediatricians”, so that’s a big hell yes!


All I can suggest is pointing out the breathtaking amount of privilege it takes to say this, because a lot of people didn’t survive, either due to the incompetent pandemic response or the increase in hate crimes and political violence. Ask them if they think everyone will survive four more years of global warming denialism, anti-abortion policymaking, nationwide efforts to outlaw the existence of LGBTQ people, gun fetishism, encouragement and incitement of domestic terrorism, attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, incompetent disaster response… the list goes on and on. But I don’t know if it’s even worth it. They were THERE the first time, they should know all this. It sounds like they’re just extremely dense, extremely selfish people who will happily watch others suffer and die around them, confident in the delusion that nothing bad could ever happen to them.


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I try. It just doesn’t get through. I’ve heard the argument that leading with facts doesn’t work; that appealing to emotions is the key. I just don’t know how to convey how frightened I am / share that feeling with folks who are not receptive.

The friend who said we survived, yadda yadda, is maybe early 40’s, libertarian.

I dunno. I seriously doubt i can take another 4 years. Even if he doesn’t go full dictator. The chaos of 2017-2021 is still with me. Will never leave me alone.


Can you point to Project 2025 and tell them that the election will be a referendum on whether the USA should become a fascist dictatorship? Or would they dismiss that as scaremongering on the grounds that Trump won’t be able to do everything he wants to do?


If they haven’t unfriended me yet, maybe. I hid all their nihilistic comments, so they might not be receptive to anything I have to say. :thinking:


The media spent an entire generation gaslighting people into the perception that “far right” meant Christian Liberalism, when in fact it means Totalitarian Fascism of the sort that is fundamentally incompatible with the existence of the US.

It really should have been clear the moment that the people who identify as “rebels” against the US and who fly enemy flags and who are subservient to ancient euro ideologies became the figureheads of the movement but whatever.


… “professional money owner” :roll_eyes:


… it’s true that “you just say that because you’re selfish and privileged” is likely to produce an emotional reaction — but it may not get them to vote for Biden in November :thinking:


Politico did an article saying they couldn’t pull it off. Then, Brynn Tannehill rebutted every one of their points and shows how simple it would be.

Institutions by themselves will not save us. Vote. Get others to vote too.






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