Media Matters publishes useful guide to Project 2025, the extreme right-wing agenda that "represents a threat to democracy, civil rights, the climate, and more"

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Project 2025’s blueprint also isn’t secret. It’s freely available for anyone to download and read here. I doubt anyone wants to read the whole thing, but you don’t really have to. Just read a bit of it and you get the idea pretty quickly. This is masks off fascism and a clear attempt to turn our government into an authoritarian dictatorship, and they aren’t hiding this. More people need to be aware. This is scary stuff. If Trump wins in November, they will put this into effect as much as they can.


Again, no-one – especially the corporate media --gets to pretend that this election is business as usual. The MAGA GOP Is telling us exactly how it plans to twist the law to turn the U.S. into an effective one-party dictatorship, and for more than just the first day.


A Handmaid’s Tale is a step closer to becoming a documentary.


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Can we just go with “financial contributor” if not “misanthrope?”


It has for a long time been disgusting how these people and think tanks are presented. Like news will regularly report on “a new study” from the Heritage Foundation or Heartland Institute or whatever, as if that were any more meaningful than Pravda concluding that the USSR was pretty awesome. Project 2025 is impatient for fascism but this is always what they’ve stood for.


But Joe Biden didn’t come over and personally give me a backrub, so he’s just as bad.



I found and downloaded it awhile ago, and read enough of this garbage to know it’s a bad, bad idea.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, Project 2025 is not just the Heritage Foundation saying fascism is great. It’s an actual plan. It’s not a study. It’s a 900+ page document outlining exactly how to implement a Christian Nationalist dictatorship, and Trump and his inner circle have embraced it. If he is elected, he is doing this.


No, I understand entirely. I’m just frustrated that media spent decades treating them as if they were actual research institutes rather than far right organizations trying to bring this about. For a long time now, the only reason to care about the Heritage Foundation’s ideas was to keep an eye on our enemy.


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I read about Project 2025 a while ago and haven’t been able to bring myself to read through this stuff. What little I’ve read feels like a wild conspiracy theory, not the kind of thing people would openly admit to planning. The thought of a future Trump presidency is bad enough, just purely as a result of Trump himself being in that office - that there’s this organized plan by actual competent people reactionary monsters to make all their wishes come true at once, when he takes office… it’s just too much. I know it’s going to be bad, should Trump win; I’m not sure what the details are going to do for me except erode my already fragile mental health.


I skimmed through and it’s indeed painful to even look at. It confirms every worst fear many times over. But I think the point of giving it attention isn’t to reach people like us who know it’s going to be bad, but to share it with the people who are still hesitant to go all-in for Biden and defeat Trump. Let them know that THIS is the future if they don’t get off their asses and fucking VOTE. I have no idea how they could not know that already, perhaps they’re just as immune to logic and evidence as the MAGA cultists, but just maybe this can scare a few of them into finally accepting the blindingly obvious.


Gotcha. And I agree.


The more I see of BB’s photos of that guy, the more I think he looks like Mussolini.


This has been the agenda for that party for some time… local, state, and national.
Gerrymandering. Voter Supression. Book Bans. Roe v. Wade. Charter Schools. etc, etc, etc.
And, of course, there’s Texas.

It is past time that the term ‘conservative’ is replaced with the more accurate term ‘fascist’. I do it, mentally, when I see the word, but too damned few are doing it in print.

There is no reason at all we should spare the feelings of these delicate snowflakes; after all, ‘Fuck Your Feelings’ works both ways.

Of course the bastards will scream about being called out.
Make 'em deny it!

That pendulum swings both ways…


Yeah, anyone on the fence at this point has to be not just ignorant but actively resistant to facts/reality. If everything that’s happened so far hasn’t moved them, I don’t see how this will.


This. All day long. But I still have doubts about the ability to pull this off. After all, as Will Rogers said almost 100 years ago, “I am not a member of any organized political party - I am a Democrat.”


This worries me more than anything else. I feel like we could easily crush Trump if everyone who dislikes him just bothers to vote for Biden and get it done. And maybe that’s what will happen, but it’s extremely frustrating and frightening to see anyone on the left hesitating or not bothering to get involved. Like Shuck said, if they haven’t seen how important it is by now, what possible argument or evidence is going to move them to do the right thing? At the end of the day, we can’t force anyone to vote the way we want (or vote at all), so if they won’t listen, we’re pretty much fucked.


I’ve said this before on other threads with similar topic. When I posted something like, “Vote for the old guy this election, or never vote again,” on Facebook, several young (20’s 30’s) friends piled on with, “why does the left have to keep doing s**t like this?” “What has Biden done for me?” “We survived 4 years of Trump, we can survive 4 more,” etc. And this was before Gaza got really bad.

I worry that my young friends will be staying home in droves or voting for RFK Jr.