Mediabreaker: remix tool to foster the next generation of Jon Stewarts

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“This concentration of power has contributed to a lack of diversity in media messaging: fewer minutes are allocated to local news; the percentage of women directing top-grossing Hollywood films has decreased since 1998; women and racial minorities are left out of AP Computing Science exams.”

I don’t understand the connection to AP exams. Could someone clarify for me why AP exams are classified here as “media messaging”? I understand how the aforementioned concentration of power can reinforce the status quo, but I don’t understand how it directly leads to exclusion of certain students from AP exams. What influence do the seven media giants exert over the College Board or AP course enrollment rates?

Basic idea is that by only representing male technowizards, you aren’t including women in your galaxy of “people who are awesome at computermajigs” and thus (a) deny the reality of actual lady technowizards, (b) reinforce the “computers are for boys” stereotype, and © lead to less women viewing technowizardry as a potential role for themselves. Among other things.

Yeah, so would you say then it’s just an indirect effect of the CBS-iHeartMedia-Comcast-Disney-News Corp-Time Warner-Viacom hegemony?

Inderect, sure. Though it is something that breaking up that hegemony into something more diverse would likely address in the breaking of it - more competition and more voices and all.

Went to the site. I like everything about it except unfortunately big thing: all rights are assigned to Media Breaker. I also see their explanation that this is to protect those submitting, and I am not a lawyer. But I am someone who is interested in creating things, and I don’t like the idea of creators losing their rights instantly to what they make. Seems to set up Mediabreaker more as a content aggregator that can pay zero.

That’s my $.02…

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