Medical 3D printer for inside the human body

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This is gobsmacking! Whatever next?

I’ll be the first to buy one on kickstarter if anyone will volunteer as a guinea pig …anyone?
cou could have foods printed in your stomach so you don’t have to eat them you know , the healthy ones you don’t like the taste of, like tempe or spirulina or durian.

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Paging Dr. McCoy or the EMH…

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I wouldn’t put it past China to forcibly experiment on live human subjects… namely, imprisoned Uighurs.

This will save a lot of livers.

And let you upgrade your gray matter. Though they may have to loosen the skull a mite.

pretty sure this is how the Bodies Exhibit was made

Woot! What a game changer. Think of all the bottles that could be saved and the the pint glasses that won’t need washing if my body can print its own Guinness Stout.

The Rummager’s Colonoscopist trend continues unabated. What’s in there, what’s good for transformation, what’s coming out, what gets a stent…

OR voice dysphoria just got interesting.

Who am I kidding, MDs will be fixing flat plumber butts 18 hours of the day.

“Only” 30mm wide. I hope they get it down to the 12mm promised before I have to have it shoved down my throat! How big an item can you put down there anyway? (And yes, I know that’s a suggestive question.)

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