3D printed body parts for transplant

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He’s done more intricate work than ears.


There’s also a trade school in Australia called Partec that are doing some great work with 3d-printed implants and prosthetics.

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How soon until I can get one of those 3D printers from The Fifth Element and make my own brand-new Milla Jovovich?

Oh wow, I bet this could be a big thing for people going through gender reassignment surgery some day.


My guess is that the most common use for this will be replacement breast tissue.
Your genes test show a risk of developing breast cancer? Instead of waiting for the lumps to appear you just surgically empty out the at-risk tissue every few years, then refill with an equal amount of this printed stuff. I am not saying it would be a pleasant procedure, but it sure beats dying.


I wonder if these would last longer than what is used now for knees, hips, and limbs.

Different kind of implant - they more 3d-print a structure for cells to grow on, to make new ears and so on for soft tissue. They’re working on other stuff, but haven’t got there yet.

As for the Prosthetics, the durability is pretty similar.

Plus, I forgot to add in my first post - They’re a training school. They’re not just working on advancing the field, they’re also training people in it.


Yes, although it gets more complicated tissue engineering-wise if you have to start with cells from someone who doesn’t already have the right kind of tissue. But there is a lot of work on tissue engineering going on in the bioprinting community.

I fully expect that by the time I’m old enough to retire humans will know how to reliably grow and transplant every organ in the body except the brain.

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“The street finds its own uses for things”: William Gibson.

Threatening to send an ear of a kidnap victim if the ransom isn’t paid will get stranger.

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