Woman Scans Her Vagina and 3D Prints a Kayak Out Of It


@doctorow’s next plot device?


Amusing stuff. I am at a loss to find a (worksafe) euphemism for her grin, though.



her work including the kayak and the fallout have been on the site a few times…


Thanks! Can’t believe I missed that.


Scans Her Vagina and 3D Prints a Kayak Out Of It

I… wasn’t aware that those were capable of 3D printing, particularly of something as large as a kayak…



But what about babies? Maybe vaginas are the original 3D printers…


Ha, 3D printers wished they’d cracked self-replicating nanotechnology!


Wouldn’t that be some crazy speculative fiction. A future where tech has been developed to grow objects in utero.

And a story about a lady who grows a gun and assassinates a politician.


Ha, she’s been doing this stuff for a long time now. I like seeing each new venture.


No need. Judging by recent GOP legislation, politicians are already terrified of vaginas.


Yes indeed, this story is suddenly re-circulating abundantly despite being several years old at this point.

There’s even a book:


I was just about to say:


Please write that.


Some people just don’t give the little (wo)man in the boat the attention it deserves.


Remind me of this:

… wait a couple of decades and Cronenberg films will look like National Geographic documentaries, perhaps?

Sadly, the kayak and this piece are more scary to a couple of people than any Cronenberg films:


eXistenZ was a very underappreciated movie. That and the slightly lower-key The Thirteenth Floor floor came out within a month of each other and both were completely overshadowed by The Matrix which came out a month or so before them.


but birthing and berthing are just not the same thing


i was very confused for a sec there because it would be really difficult to make a 3d model of a vagina and even more so in the shape of a kayak, it’d just be a weird squiggly muscle tube, although i guess you could model the inverse of it the way you do bite moulds… and then i realized the article was referring to a vulva

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