Lab-grown penises ready for testing




For once, this is an appropriate video to post here


I didn’t RTFA, so can someone tell me about the sensory nerve issue? Will the lucky transplantees be able to feel sensation in their new organs?


Surely you mean onto people?


I predict that this technology will be rapidly appropriated by the plastic surgery industry for “upgrade” procedures.


So penis enlargement spam will shift from pushing pills to advertising surgery.

I cringed at the phrase “donor penis” though.


since no one else has…

I, for one, welcome our new lab-grown penis overlords


Nothing new here – the ancient Mayans pioneered this technology thousands of years ago:


Or perhaps those who will want more than one.


In random locations.


After all, what could go wrong?
When Shmeat Attacks


Aren’t there enough “dicks” in the world?


Can’t wait for the story in a few years about the guy with two penises and wanting to be called Zaphod Beeblebrox.


Better be careful with that potato.


You don’t know where it’s been.


Because of a lack of available tissue for reconstructive surgery, baby boys with ambiguous genitalia are often given a sex-change at birth

I really thought we didn’t do that anymore? I mean I assume there are still victims of that practice who’d want this procedure, but…



is penis testing a double blind sort of thing? are their lab mice with human penises sewn to them from the animal testing phase? i have way more questions after reading the article then before.

i’m guessing if this ever becomes main stream then its primary use and big bucks will be in “upgrades” to size, regardless of what women actually want.

also, lab grown? when are they coming out with free range organic ones…being a penis rancher isn’t all its cracked up to be. (i couldn’t bring myself to look up penis rancher on urban dictionary)


They are wily little buggers and if you don’t keep them separated they will consume the smaller ones.


Tired: 3D printers
Wired: Penis printers