Doctors perform first penis transplant in U.S


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They understand that sperm isn’t actually manufactured in the penis, right? If I use an imported Toyota to deliver a pizza that doesn’t magically transform it into Japanese food.


Will it stand up in court?


This image is just begging for “unnecessary censorship.”



This is what we get from abstinence based education. The director of urology doesn’t know where babies come from.


He had a “add a dick to me”.

Yes, I said it.


Reminds me of when I had a dentist named Dr. Payne. I wonder how many medical professionals choose their specialty based on the wordplay value of their names.


I saw this story this morning, and I have been waiting all day for an appropriate forum to comment about the irony of the doctor’s name being Dicken. Glorious!


Finally, medical science has created a man who would do her with someone else’s dick.

  1. Why is Matthew Perry using the fake name? We can all see it’s him.

  2. If I borrow your ax and kill someone, does that mean you’re the murderer? Nahhhhh. But just in case, may I borrow your ax?


I remember a girl in my elementary school who was supposedly* born without fingers and had her toes grafted onto her hand, so she had these stumpy little fingers. When I heard about this penile transplant the first image in my mind was of them grafting one of his toes into his crotch.

(* it only occurs to me now, decades later, that this might’ve been a tale whispered on the playground, and that she was just born with stumpy little fingers.)


All rise…


Am I the only one who (prior to reading the patient’s name) thinks he looks like Peyton Manning?


Just curious…would you get a catalog to choose from? “Doc, is the a BBC section?”


I still wonder if we’re being trolled…

Dr. Dicken Ko =?= Dr. Dick & Co.


Well you’ve come to the right place.


I think it’s a case of name dictating your life choices. My brother’s urologist is a Dr. Richard Chopp.


(I stopped to take meds and @Gutierrez gets in first)

If Dr Dick Chopp is a real urologist, then I don’t see a reason why Dr Dicken Ko isn’t.


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