First penis transplant recipient's girlfriend is pregnant


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I want to thank you with complete sincerity for not including a photograph of a gangrenous penis.



Big Time!


My sister is a nurse. The last time I was over there she was punking us with pics of gangrenous penises. I was not amused.

On, and that condition also carries a very high mortality rate.


“You can’t handle the truth!”


Technically they’re just saying that his girlfriend is pregnant. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s the father.


… but … but … circumcision is good for your health!!! /s

Game on…


It’s amazing that in the 21st century there are still primitive cultures mutilating genitalia to please God…


First penis transplant recipient’s
It is amazing to see how far medicine has come

girlfriend is pregnant
but it’s nice of them to acknowledge they still haven’t perfected everything.


Note the American diagram featured does not even make an attempt to depict a foreskin.


At least mine were “mutilated” back in 1969 for the relatively evolved reason of “for the hell of it.”



No offence intended, but it just blows my mind that ritual mutilation is still SOP in so much of the modern world


It’s pretty much done only for religious reasons outside of the US, and seems to be finally seems to be in decline there.

I still find myself slightly appalled at how a normal dick is the butt of jokes in American media


Are such jokes really that common? I’m a bit sensitive to the subject, and can only think of one instance a few years ago: a weird biased “humor” article interviewing New York women about preferring circumcised penises. Apart from that, i can only think of ribald references to “uncut studs”, used as a gentle atavism, but that didn’t bother me apart from the associated racism.


It’s actually a fairly ubiquitous gag in American comedies, right down to “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” drawing an “ew!” from the kids after the final word during the trailer. Elaine from Seinfeld was vocally repulsed, and I think Sex and the City did a whole episode about one of their characters being unable to deal with a partner’s “shar-pei”.




Sorry. My genital.


I believe that all dicks, normal and otherwise, kinda deserve to be the butts of jokes. They’re objectively pretty ridiculous.


Point taken.