Anti-circumcision activist pepper sprays a man threatening him with a knife

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You gotta watch those mohels.


Pepper spray - 1
Knife dude - 0

BTW: The foreskin is mightier than the sword…


That’s like bringing a knife to a pepper spray fight.


It’s also interesting to see that a violent guy with an arsenal of knives would have a damn hard time killing 59 people.


So I don’t speak the language, was he just offering a free circumcision?

Also, IMO, circumcision is an unnecessary mutilation in this day and age.

But I concede that it is an important religious Tradition. Er, commandant.


It’s only “genital mutilation” when other cultures do it. :wink:


As also noted in the Reddit thread- note that he moves away from the people nearby before applying the pepper spray to the threat. This is considerate self defence.


Loose Translation: (I’m fluent ish and can misinterpret with noisy background, but: )
Lady “speak”
Knife man: points to filmers sign says some question about if he’s against circumcision
Filmer: replied something about circumcision is bringing a knife to reproductive organ and he is against that
Knife man: “Where are you from? Germany?”
Filmer: " from Germany?"
Knife man: reaches across his waist for the knife “you want me to take you out?”
Filmer: " I am a citizen here "
Knife man: "Sharmut (curse like bitch, fighting word) . Brandishes knife in right hand.
Filmer: "oy va voy, this is not right, this is not proper. "
Backs away and repeats “no no no no…” “No knife, no knife.”
Knife guy: “you’re a son of a bitch”
Filmer: maces the knife dude
Starts yelling frantically. “Mishtara! Police! Police!” Sprays knife guy again. Knife guy takes off down the street.
Filmer keeps repeating one word frantically: “Police! Police!”
Sirens heard in background.
Filmer gestures to bystanders, flailing his arms and pointing to where knife man ran.
Filmer: “He has a knife! He has a knife! He turned left. He turned left”. Filmer gestures to corner where knife man turned left. Filmer describes the guys clothes to the whole street and repeats that the guy has a knife.
End video.
Please forgive mobile formatting . Any corrections will be appreciated.


With tempers like that, at least no one had a gun.


And yet in this day and age, so long as it is done by a trained doctor, it is virtually not an issue. We do know that circumcision reduces STD delivery CONSIDERABLY. You are 60% less likely to get HIV while having a circumcision.

There are advantages of it that folks that are against it refuse to admit.

If I had a child, I don’t think I’d do it to them as a child. Then again, it would be better than waiting until they can consent to it during puberty and telling them that I KNOW YOUR HORMONES ARE RAGING WITH A BONER EVERY 5 MINUTES REGARDLESS OF THE STIMULANT, BUT WE ARE GOING TO ALLOW YOU TO HAVE THE SURGERY THAT WILL ALLOW YOU NOT TO GIVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND CLAMIDIA OR YOUR BOYFRIEND TO GIVE YOU AIDS.

Edit: And I expect the anti-folks to give me a less in 10…9…8…


Indeed. Those things cause a lot of unnecessary mutilations.



Please describe another case where society makes forced, permanent body modifications to individuals who have committed no crime and either cannot consent or are too young to consent. No? Then it’s a fucking issue.

You want to be circumcised as an adult? Have at it. ”People can’t be bothered to use protection, be tested, and keep their junk clean” is not a reason to force genital mutilation on anyone.


Um. Phrasing?

Also, nobody is “given AIDS”. People get infected with HIV and may or may not develop AIDS - the ‘full blown’ version of HIV. And with PrEP available, many HIV + people do not end up with AIDS because their viral load becomes undetectable. @clifyt


Mutilation? Or alteration?

Seems like this is a political debate much like pro-choice or pro-life. Both seem to be loaded towards an idea that you phrase something so that there can be no debate. I was circumcised. In no way am I mutilated.

I am being as neutral as I can, and yet I’m still being attacked for not carrying the company line. Do you think as a moderator you can effectively hold this position if you have to get involved with debates like this? Just curious.

Again, I don’t think I’d give this to a child of mine. But when we start attacking folks about things like this, we can also say that we shouldn’t give young women Gardasil even knowing that it could save them from HPV which is known to cause cancer. Why not wait until it is too late?

AGAIN, I don’t think I’d do it for a child of mine…but I’d also want to give them the best option for survival as possible. I do know that I’d most likely give my daughter Gardasil. Do you want to attack me for this too?

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Whoo boy; circumcision, yet another ‘sensitive’ topic that ends up being a proverbial pedestal for some folks to place themselves upon.



Studies show that men who were circumcised generally are okay with circumcision, men who weren’t tend to be against it, and everyone else is bored shitless by this endless fucking argument


If your only issue is with how altering the body of a minor without their consent is the wording, then I submit you are worried about the wrong thing.

We do not need sea lions here. If you do not strongly believe in something, then why are you advocating for it? To do so suggests a form of trolling we do not permit here.

You are not being attacked. Your position is being debated. I would strongly suggest that you not so closely tie your personal identity to positions you yourself do not strongly believe in on the internet. You are setting yourself up to feel forever persecuted and, again, sealioning.

Most importantly? do not post here if you do not wish to have your ideas and opinions challenged - this goes hand in hand with not advocating for positions you yourself do not strongly believe in.