Circumcision training kit, fake gangrenous feet, fake blood, artificial fat, aged torsos & artificial earwax: the wonderful world of Life/Form trainers


It is a privilege as a man to have the majority of your genitals nerve endings removed.


For the jar of artificial earwax, two of the “Customers who bought this also bought” recommendations are jars of marmite. I don’t know what to say to this.


I could’ve gone my whole life without seeing that circumcision trainer.


What do you call a bad circumcision?

A rip-off


Here are replacement glans/foreskin. **Unfortunately fake.

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OH awesome; a kit that allows you to practice human genital mutilation - Hooray society!


You would prefer it be unpracticed?

Oh I know, I know. Still and all, while the practice continues at all, I’d prefer the practitioners be… well, practiced. Nobody wants to be first in line for the noob circumcisor.

I don’t think it usually results in such awesome music.

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Actually I would prefer it be “unpracticed” - as in we DON’T practice this
barbaric behavior at all.
I’m proud that my parents decided against circumcision for me. I’m proud
that I too, decided against circumcision for my two sons (and of course my
two daughters).

It’s a stupid religious tradition and most of the world doesn’t do this to
their baby boys.


Yeah divorce sucks


Of all the barbaric traditions in the world (female genital mutilation, for example), (male) circumsion isn’t even worth being on the radar at this point. I would also be wary of fighting against an affordable practice that may help reduce new HIV infections

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Proud to be a circumcised Jew! Those of you so called liberal thinkers who would deny me my traditions can kiss my tuchus.

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Are you worried that infants are spreading HIV?

If Grown Men are worried about spreading HIV then it should be their choice
to do the following:

  1. Wear a Condom.
  2. Avoid practicing unsafe sex.
  3. Decide if they want the tip of their penis cut off.

Furthermore the spread of AIDS in the poorest parts of Africa isn’t going
to be stopped by circumcising babies in the United States where the
practice is still used. Most of the rest of the world does NOT circumcise
their male babies.
We do it and look for medical justification when we have ways of preventing
the spread of AIDS/HIV without genital mutilation of innocent baby boys.

By your argument we should just cut the labia off baby girls because it
will help reduce the chance of teen pregnancies (yeah I know that’s BS but
it’s the same argument - let’s mutilate baby genitals in the hopes that it
prevents some future unwanted outcome that can be prevented by CONDOMS or
other methods).


I agree with several of your points, but if you are insisting foreskin removal and labia removal are comparable, I’m out.

Maybe a better comparison would be foreskin removal and clitoral hood removal? at least those bits are homologous. The term “female genital mutilation” includes a range of genital mutilation. If you want to argue about which forms of child abuse should be “on the radar,” you might start by breaking FGM into subcategories.
IMO, all medically unnecessary surgeries on infant genitals are bad, and all for the same reason, but not in the same degree. Some of it is worse; all of it should end.

(Here’s an awful thought: where’s the FGM practice doll?)


I should have compared it to cutting off the clitoral hood as those are equivalent parts between male and female.

My point is that American society readily accepts male genital mutilation as “normal/okay” but quickly identifies female genital mutilation as barbaric.

We find excuses to justify our actions and reasons demonize similar actions of others.

Many of the medical reasons given for male circumcision don’t apply to babies. They apply to sexually active adults(adolescents). Why not allow the male to decide when he is of age if he wants to cut off part of his penis?

It’s simply an outdated and outmoded barbaric practice being forced on a baby that has not given their consent to the procedure.


No one is denying you the choice of getting your prepuce cut off at birth. However no one is giving you the choice to refuse the procedure either.

Circumcision is forced onto Jewish and non Jewish babies alike in America.

No infant is ever given the chance to refuse.


An article worth reviewing:

Yeah, that’s why I said “I know, I know.” My own parents had me circumcised all those decades ago, not for any religious reason but just because it was still the fashion, I guess, and too few people squawked about it then. It didn’t slow down my sex life (nor was it intended to), and I’ve never been particularly proud nor ashamed to be circumcised. When I thought about it at all, I simply didn’t care one way or another. And I’ve never thought to resent my parents for robbing me of the choice. Of course, I’ve had my whole life to get used to the situation.

But when my own son was born four years ago, we never considered circumcising him. Saw no benefit. I’d be perfectly tickled if the practice would go extinct. But as long as people insist on having it done, I see advantages in having fake plastic peeners to practice on, don’t you?

I do understand your point about practicing so the person performing the dick snip doesn’t fuck it up and take off more than they should.