Penis facials contain foreskins of circumcised infants


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Well… nope, I’ve really got nothing to add.


I’m a bit on two minds on this:

A: It’s helping enable the pointless genital mutilation of infants about as far before the age of consent as it’s possible to get for no valid reason.

B: As it’s allready been done and if it’s just cloning the existing stocks they have - I guess they might as well use it…
Any reversion to option A in any form whatsoever should be brutally taken down as fast as possible though… Vile and pointless practice that should be 100% illegal outside of genuine medical need, especially if done for religious reasons.


Dude. I did not need to process that.


It’s bad enough they got chopped off, but now you want those perfectly good foreskins to go to waste too? Monsters!


So political correctness has brought us to this. Whatever happened to bathing in the blood of virgins?




In a world where one of the President’s best friends is an actual vampire, getting foreskin facials is somehow not that weird.


Well, there’s your problem. You should have used a blender.


From the Wikipedia article on EGF:

EGF was originally described as a secreted peptide found in the submaxillary glands of mice and in human urine

I can see “pee facial” not test marketing very well (at least not with anybody besides Donald Trump), but how the hell does “baby foreskin facial” succeed?

We have reached peak decadence. The world may now commence burning collapse into a heap of ashes.


Maybe we should just make all those foreskins into wallet/suitcases? One size fits all.


Look; if you really want penis rubbed on your face there’s usually a way to make that happen with informed consent.


Facials: you’re doing it wrong.


In Mody Dick, one of the characters uses a whale’s foreskin as an apron.


“After a long flight I do like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquified cloned foreskins – frankly who doesn’t?”

I except the challenge to put that into a song.








Wow, that is messed up. Next thing you know they’ll be injecting deadly bacteria runoff into their wrinkles.


I . . . did not know that.