Anti-circumcision activist pepper sprays a man threatening him with a knife

Is it a doric or corinthian pedestal?


But don’t bring pepper spray to a bris!

(And just to put on my pedant pendant for a moment, I hate this construction/usage. One does not protest something, one protests FOR or AGAINST something. The headline clarified, but in another context that phrase would have left it less than immediately obvious whether this guy was doing one or the other.)


When I was preggers with my kid, I didn’t know her gender until a week before she was born. (Crappy insurance would only pay for a certain number of ultrasound procedures, and she was “shy.”)

My mom went with me to one of my last consults before I found out, and I remember my midwife going through the birth plan aloud, and asking me about wanting circumcision, should the baby have been male.

I said “no,” to which my mom suddenly got all indignant and controlling, snarling back at me, “Um, yes!

I looked my own mom straight in the eye with a glare usually reserved for fail-trolls and repeated loudly and emphatically, “NO; If I have a son, I am NOT having him circumcised.”

She didn’t care for that at all, but I didn’t give a good got damn; it was my baby inside my body, making it MY choice.

Now all that said, I feel the same way about other people and their bodies/babies; whether I agree with their choices or not, it’s really none of my business.

Ionic, probably:


Tuscan or not Tuscan? That is the question.


don’t make me start posting images of “pedestals” now


If people don’t specifically ask for a picture of your pedestal, they probably won’t appreciate it.


The answer is Egyptian:

Too late.


What’s that bit on the top, right at the end, called, and is it optional?


Men who have been circumcised don’t know what it feels like to have a foreskin, and men who haven’t been circumcised don’t know what it’s like to live without one.

Both groups have spent their entire lives living one way or the other, so I am not surprised that studies show that they have come to terms with the hand they were dealt.

I do agree that it isn’t the most exciting or complex issue, and in my opinion, probably not serious enough to need radical change to the way things are already being done.


I believe it’s a schmuck.





It’s an unnecessary and frankly pointless, completely irreversible, entirely cosmetic procedure that alters a child’s genitals without consent permanently.

That’s not acceptable in modern society. If we had strong medical evidence for it, that may be another story.

[citation needed]

I’ve seen the studies. There’s a minor difference in transmission rates found in studies done in Africa when not controlled for lack of screening and condom use. Nothing like 60% reduction in transmission. And nothing justifying mutilating a baby’s penis. Comprehensive sex-ed does a much better job and doesn’t perpetuate an unhealthy interest in the shape of a baby’s penis by adults.

If you want a circumcision, go get one. But don’t force one on your baby without consent.


What a mensch.


Using prophylactics gives you nearly 100% protection and doesn’t involve slicing off part of your dick.


Also truth.

(I come from a somewhat unique perspective given a member of my extended family is a well-known anti-circ activist and I’ve heard these debates a million times before.)




They’re often economically disadvantaged because they only take tips.
(I’ll see myself out now…) :no_mouth:


Not a great argument. I know how sensitive that area is when my foreskin is rolled down. Every once in a while I hurry too much after having a pee and accidentally put my junk bank in my pants without the foreskin back in place.
Regardless of the fabric of my underwear, this fucking hurts. Cotton against that area is like sandpaper against your face. The fact that circumcised men don’t walk around feeling that kind of pain at all times tells me they’ve been gradually desensitised. Not cool.

Whatever you want to do with your body after you turn 18; not my problem. But no one can claim the right to do this to another person’s body without their informed consent.


Thank you. The translation is much appreciated.


Personally, while it’s not a big deal to me, I would have preferred to make the decision myself as an adult. It’s an unnecessary surgery/body-modification done to children without their consent because of tradition, religious or otherwise. The fact is that I’ll never know what being uncircumcised is like, because the choice was taken away from me out of good but misguided intentions. There’s nothing I can do about it so I don’t dwell on it, and it’s not the abomination that FGM is, so I don’t resent my parents over it. But I absolutely discourage any parent from taking that choice away from their children.

I would not go so far as to support it being outlawed, even though I don’t think parents should be allowed to take that choice away, because ultimately such a law would be misused and abused in the US at least by racists and antisemites while the rich would escape any consequences for breaking it, and the minor harm done doesn’t counterbalance that inequity. Because of the functional inequality under US law, criminalizing any behavior should have a higher bar than it would in a society that’s actually equal under the law.