Man with bionic penis must endure 2 week erection before using it


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Talk about jumping through hoops for sex!
JK, hope they enjoy it and the couples relationship gets closer.



re: persistent erection

I was in junior high. I know how that goes. :neutral_face:


One notable bit from the article is this was all paid for by the NHS. Can you imagine TrumpCare™ paying for something like this?


That just got weirder and weirder the more I read.


Major Sac to Pound Control!


Irony is that Trump may need this type of surgery more than anyone.


Hello, Mr. Halen.


“Aw, honey, the way you do that makes… hm, it makes my arms tingle. That’s… strange…”



If I’m understanding correctly, this is an initial érection THAT is probably for stretching thing(s) out. After that, he’ll be able to do it on his own.


Gah! How about a man-bun trigger warning on the article link, @frauenfelder?!

Also, gotta love Western civilization. White guy born dickless? Don’t worry, good sir, we’ll get you one!

Just kidding, glad he lives in a country that has health insurance that pays for it.


all I want in life is a removable prosthetic dick


New band name!


Sure, sure, but did he get a…gold member?


You say that now, but I’ll bet if you got it, your desires would inflate.


Inevitable King Missile video


TrumpCare™ will pay for this and only this.


I would assume only if it further extends Trump’s no doubt shriveled orange penis?