Medical procedures priced in Iphones, for the benefit of noted dumbass Jason Chaffetz


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iPhones: The new BitCoin.



You can use an iPhone for a colonoscopy, but like OUCH.


Four iPhones just for a year’s prescriptions. And that’s just the copays. With really good insurance.


I thought it said “Medical pedicures priced in Iphones”! I can hardly navigate my phone with my fingers, so I can hardly imagine needing to pay for my pedi using my toes.


Unfortunately, this article will not wake Chaffetz up. They never do. It will make a few liberals chuckle, but that’s probably all. Can you imagine seeing this summarized on the evening TV news? The reaction would be howls of outraged indignation - of course.


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I had a friend whose daughter had serious health problems and was rapidly approaching his life time health insurance limit. Another friend complained about him spending money to take his seriously ill child to Disneyland instead of saving it for her medical expenses. This is like trying to pay for a moon landing mission by collecting quarters door to door. There aren’t enough doors. I don’t know if it is an inability to deal with numbers or simple mean spirits.


Obama said the same thing that Chaffetz did…


As a Canadian, I wrestle with this. Forgive me for going there: but what about the children? These policies hurt kids the most! How can a working poor family cope with say a fall from a tree house that breaks an arm or leg? In the rest of the first world thats just a trip to the hospital and a really shitty summer break. For Americans that could bankrupt a family.

This literally makes no sense to me!
I don’t understand how people can make an argument pro-poverty, it just makes no sense to me.



One of them tried to give healthcare to people, and one of them is trying to take healthcare away from people.

If the context doesn’t provide any gloss to you, you’re as cold and heartless as Chaffetz and Ryan.


Obama, while talking about people making close to the median income in the U.S., said that healthy people are not getting health care because they’re prioritizing other things more.

Chaffetz, answering a question specifically about low-income Americans, said that they should buy health care rather than buying a phone.

(P.S., that difference is clear in the information that is in the article you linked. It’s just glossed over.)


Especially in his case. The guy who grew up on social security survivors benefits dedicating his career to prevent other people from doing the same.


Roger That!


this is a thing?!?


My health insurance costs my employer 11 iPhones a year.


If ACA keeps going as is, it’s useless to anyone but people getting the entire thing subsidized. With ridiculous deductibles and single providers in most states it’s worthless for providing real benefits. What is your solution? Single payer system? Socialized medicine? The new system Republicans are wanting is no different. It is just to disincentivize people from working and become dependent on the government for everything.


Are you stating that Chaffetz wasn’t entitled to Social Security benefits that his parent(s) paid into and were unable to collect because they passed away? You do know how Social Security works, right?