Medical terminology named after Nazis


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I suppose that we should be grateful that they executed the prisoners before cutting them up; some were not so luck. It is not just the barbarity of the Nazis “experiments”, its their piss poor scientific procedure too.


Please, don’t give the pharmaceutical industry any more ideas for made up syndromes only alleviated by use of their drugs that weren’t efficacious elsewhere.

On a serious note, I agree with the crux of the article that descriptive naming of diseases is far better than vanity naming with scientist surnames.

Reiter’s syndrome, which effects joints, eyes, and urethra, has the mnemonic, “can’t see, can’t pee, can’t dance with me”.

Well, they did prove that smoking was bad for you rather conclusively. But since they were Nazis, they had to be wrong.

What? You think smoking is bad? ARE YOU A NAZI?


One of Hitler’s ideas in the 1920’s was to make an anti-syphilis campaign the signature cause of the National Socialists.

That’s how you know modern conservatives aren’t Nazis - because they are pro-syphilis.


The Nazis discovered that various industrial processes were extremely harmful to workers and extensively documented this. For that reason, American and European industry-funded “science” spent many millions (if not billions) of dollars making damn sure you would believe that Nazi scientific procedures were uniformly and consistently “piss poor”. But if you think about it, that’s really an unreasonable belief. We were totally propagandized by Kettering and his cronies.

In reality, Nazi scientists were much like German scientists prior to and after the Nazi era - a large and diverse group of individuals with varying ability and devotion to good procedure.


German data from the 30s, as published at the 1936 Second International Congress of Scientific and Social Campaign Against Cancer in Brussels:

One out of ten smokers develops cancer after 30 years.

Ten out of ten workers in the aniline dye industry develop bladder cancer after 30 years.

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You may have a fair point, though I was thinking more along the lines of Dr Mengele.

America at the time was starting a long running syphilis treatment experiment:

Petition to rename their discoveries? I’d sign that.

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