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David, give me one thing and I will turn a full 180 on my feelings towards Medium: an option to display articles in a sensibly sized font.

If you’re reading on an iPad or something I’m sure it looks great, but on a PC where I’m used to fonts composed of single-pixel-thick lines, everything on Medium looks HUGE and aggressive.

Just a little “small fonts” toggle would make my day.

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It took me a while to figure out that “bloggy” was being used as an adjective meaning “relating to blogs” (what would be wrong with the simpler “blog publishing tools”?). I thought it was some sort of insult to the platform as being a mixture of buggy and logy or something.

Does “ctrl” & “-”, or “ctrl” plus your mouse’s scroll wheel, not work for you? Maybe your monitor is bigger than mine, but at 22" I can get to a decent font size on the few articles I tried.

Also, you can find/make bookmarklets that strip various formatting things like images, css, plug-ins. It totally murders the creator’s intended layout (which I generally like on Medium), but if all you’re really after is text and maybe images, it’s not a hard way to get there.

No, that absolutely works, but it still gives you something like a dozen words per line, and formatting that looks more like a newspaper column. Ideally I’d like to see more, smaller-font words per line.


cut to the quick, what’s your verdict?

I don’t know, I was hoping you’d tell me. :yum:

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Could do worse. For now.

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