Txt.fyi and "antisocial media"


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I can speak Vulcan, I can’t read it.


But, if you have to post the link, wouldn’t you have to put it somewhere socially available?


I read that as antisocial media, and thought it was an article about how shitty facebook and twitter can be about abuse and bullying.

I can’t think of a better phrase to describe txt.fyi than antisocial media though


As a member in good standing of the anti-social network I approve of this publishing platform.


Why does every platform need to have “social” features built-in? There’s nothing stopping a user of txt.fyi from Tweeting™ or Face-Planting™ a link to their deathless prose.


The definition of viral has completely changed. Originally it meant something so clever or so charming we just couldn’t resist forwarding it to friends. Now it seems to mean anything heavily promoted on Facebook.


I suppose that is viral in a way, it’s just that it’s more like Porton Down MRD than, say, the common cold.


no offense to Rob, but I don’t see how txt.fyi functions differently than Pastebin. Am I missing something?


They are pretty different. txt.fyi has no login page. You don’t have a user name. You can’t go back and edit what you wrote, there’s no way of linking it back to you. If you don’t copy the link from the url after posting you lose what you wrote forever. There is no way to search for anything.



It’s got less features, isn’t bothering you with social stuff, doesn’t automatically index/publicize postings, and isn’t tracking you.


Someone at Hacker News said they could have made it in a weekend and I had the pleasure of telling them I made it in an hour.


(Which isn’t true, but still.)


No, no. I get it. This will be published as a book a la Post Secrets and sold at an Urban Outfitters near you. The logo/font is just perfect.


…after a suitable amount of pieces have been published, sifted though, and edited.


I don’t use Pastebin very often but I’ve never logged in. I knew that was an option for edits, though. I’ve just always anonymously dumped text there.

according to their faq, the pastes are public by default but you can apparently make them hidden-to-searches somehow, even without an account. Never knew to look for that. I’ve never gotten a pastebin as a search result so I thought they were all invisible. Pretty wack.

@beschizza so obviously I haven’t been paying attention, but Pastebin didn’t always have all that shit, right? I never even noticed the social media buttons until you mentioned it just now. So I guess it’s a good thing I asked, txt.fyi is a good service to offer!


“a-social media”?


This is funny, but no, it won’t. The only circumstance where anyone finds out what’s published at txt.fyi is if a hacker gets it or if some asshole scrapes every possible URL or some other shenanigan. I can’t (and don’t) promise privacy or security, but I won’t be cashing in that way.


Yes, it just needed to exist.

I’m planning to do another site which has accounts, to allow editing, deleting and authorship, but it’ll otherwise be exactly the same.


they were probably thinking something more along the lines of “BS”.
i jest, it is a neat experiment, kind of like tired.com