Meet Elliott Terral, Director of Magic


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I never believed in things that I couldn’t see
I said if I can’t feel it then how can it be
No, no magic could happen to me
And then I saw that effing card trick!

I like all the reviews: meh, it’s okay from some angles, I guess


After my father’s murder, I was orphaned. I was ten years old. I went to live with cousins on a magician’s assistant ranch in Montana. I still wake up sometimes. I wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the rabbits.*

  • Silence of the Rabbits


Man that is a good trick. Part of me wants to know how to do it, and part of me just wants to be amazed.


That guy is ridiculous right?!


I am in every way an amateur - but I plonked down the $5 just to see how it was done.


I am in every way a poser, so I have to get that deck of cards!


And? And? C’mon man, don’t leave us hanging! :stuck_out_tongue:


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