Invisible Deck - one of the greatest card tricks ever

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Can’t wait for your book! My daughter and I will love making these together, she loves performing magic tricks.

You are always an inspiration on creative things her and I can do together, thanks man.


Do you have to have a fair idea of where all the cards are in the deck?

The only way I can think of doing this off the top of my head is by having 51 cards secreted about myself and palming it into the deck once they’re free from the box.

But you’d need to be sure you don’t accidentally slide the card into place right next to the other 10 of diamonds or whatever… and have 51 cards stuffed into various pockets and your belt and… well hell, everywhere.

You can secrete cards! :slight_smile: now that is a trick!


Why does he need to know what card he’s looking for first?
How many upside-down cards are there really in that deck?

How old is this clip, anyway? Blaine doesn’t do anything as interesting as street magic any more, does he?

The beads of sweat sometimes give the game away but I’m working on a lacquer based diet which should solve those problems.


LOL, but be careful, Sokushinbutsu (即身仏?), while interesting, is supposed to be quite painful.


Knew you’d get it. :smile:

I guessed the Jack of diamonds. Close!

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pretty fucking cool - and one of the few tricks that inspire me to try to practice it.

Question for those of you who do lots of tricks, and buy lots of cards, how many “prepared” decks do you have? Do you pick different deck designs for each trick deck?

Or you can make your own with any ordinary deck, and a $4 can of Krylon matte finish spray, Actually, one can will make several decks. The pre-made decks will wear out and stop working after a while, and will need to be “refreshed” with the Krylon treatment anyway.

More than you’d think. :smile:


… just tell how it’s done, man.


Or you could just google it.


I use a normal deck for the vast majority of the tricks I know, and I use a stripper deck for a couple that I like.

I used to have a Svengali deck, but it wore out and I haven’t bothered to replace it.

Mark, will you have instructions on making a Svengali?

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It’s just about always going to be cheaper to just buy one, unless you’ve got 25 friends who also want one.

Yes, that’s the problem. I never really needed 26 packs, and besides I’d have to check which deck I had before doing anything with it.

It’s easy, Blaine just has 52 decks secreted about his person and he just has to substitute the correct one while the mark is distracted.
Well, that’s what I think.

Yea, David Blaine is nice and all… but that dude in the cravat! He’s the best audience in the world!

It’s an easy enough trick. He just stores the decks in the massive void left by his utter lack of personality.

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