Dots Impossible card trick

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The deck starts with alternate red and blue cards. After cutting to move the chosen card to the top, then removing it, the top and bottom card must be different from the chosen card. You show the top and bottom card, but remove 2 cards from the top (one different, one matching). Repeat to remove the next 2 cards, and finally show the bottom card again.

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Yeah. Caught it on the first play through. :stuck_out_tongue:

Might get people who aren’t fully paying attention, though.

this is super obvious, no?

Good hands. It fools me.

ahhh, at first I thought I’d read, ‘always picks a blue dot’ when I went to watch the video, which would involve forcing or manipulating the chosen card ‘to the top’.

Always the odd one out is way easier.

Had to watch it twice, just to see what the trick was supposed to be, since nothing particularly special was going on. It was obvious that he was just flashing the bottom card over and over, so we never got to see what half the cards were. That make the final reveal just a big so-what.

This is a fun trick. This video shows how the trick can be varied and also reminds us that when a magician tells us how many cards he is holding, he’s lying.

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