Meet Jake Phelps, the thrashed editor of skateboarding bible Thrasher

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While praising him, they sure made him sound like a dick. I wonder what his detractors would say?


I was afraid that this was going to announce Thrasher’s endorsment for Hillary.


I’m always fascinated at seeing how punks and anarchists handle getting old. Not the ones that give up their scenes and become mainstream, but the ones like this guy who have to figure out what being a 50-year-old skater means.


man, that was a great read. i haven’t skateboarded in decades, but this makes me want to get back into it.

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I’m guessing they have an Ad-Block detector (or my browser config breaks their page somehow else) because it blanked-out after scrolling past the opening photo. no “please disable adblock,” nothing.

so I told Awesome Screenshot to capture whole page and read it in there. fuck em.


That’s the second time I have read “unreconstructed” today. Here and in the McCain NYTimes editorial. Not sure what that means.

It means “not reconciled or converted to the current political theory or movement”.

I wasn’t very clear there. I know the definition of “unreconstructed,” but I am not sure of the greater cosmic meaning of seeing this word twice within an hour. It is not a commonly encountered word and to see it used by McCain in the NY Times and in article about Thrasher was one of those odd coincidences.

If you’re looking for a great early Phillip K. Dick short story, it’s hard to do better than “The Unreconstructed M” (public domain): (pdf at end of article)

I fondly remember Thrasher from the 80s, back when my knees were still reliable.

@cahutchins then there’s some of us who take our old days attitude either to the job or to whatever scene we ended up in. For most punks who stay the same decades later I think of this:

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