Meet the White Witch of Los Angeles


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Not sure how I feel about somebody with that many eyes…


A girl with colitis goes by?


Shouldn’t that headline be “Meet thee White Witch ov Los Angeles”?


Not to be confused with the Witch Queen of New Orleans.


Which queen of New Orleans?


“The eyes [sic] have it!”


“Many people aren’t that wonderful.”



I didn’t know this was a thing I could aspire to? I mean, THE White Witch? I was in a UU church with probably 20 of those.

I suppose I could claim the title “The White Witch of Seattle” but the “white” part might be redundant up here.


So you’re saying this isn’t a post about Ann Coulter?


For Los Angeles, this is actually kind of boring.

Although, the bad photography is kind of fun!

Much better:



Wow, I haven’t thought about TOPY in forever. I wonder how they are doing?


what a nutter.


[Citation needed]


So if one were to pronounce the word ‘wicca’ by Old English rules, it would sound like “wee-tchuh”. Wicca / wicce is the ancestor of the modern ‘wise’. I think Sweet’s Anglo-Saxon Primer covers this, if you want an actual source.


Words with eyes on them still see to speak.


Not according to the Shorter OED, it’s not.

The version on Project Gutenberg doesn’t.


Does she make tons of bank on bankers of social capital?

If so, suspect.

If po, who know?


That version of Sweet gives “wīs” as the Old English word for “wise”.