Meet Twitchy, my new dashboard owl


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The owl is twitchy and “edgy” from nervousness caused by being driven around by an owl-distracted driver.




This is the guy who hangs out on my dashboard. He’s very bobbly, so he gets quite jolly whenever I hit a rough spot.


I’m thinking of installing this Santa Muerte on my dashboard to clear a path through congestion and visit torture and death upon those who would obstruct my journey to and from the office.



Here’s the crew in the front window of my home business. My daughter also has most of these guys on the dashboard of her Camry.


Yeah, but does it bobble? Cuz a bobblehead Santa Muerte would be awesome


Another awesome band name!


Beatles did it first, as with many things.


My mother bought us a small plastic solar-powered cardinal from the dollar store. When the panel is under strong light, it flaps its wings. Rather than hang it, I put it on top of a clock in the kitchen window that gets a lot of morning sun. It’s rather pleasant.


Beatles meant the Christ. Not the Jesus.


Kids these days…


Yeah, but here’s the original, which is still the best. The Biafra cover isn’t even the best cover, that would be Paul Newman’s soulful version in Cool Hand Luke.

As for twitchy owls,


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