Meet your robot gardener

I didn’t think I needed to point out the obvious that it could be made wider. Clearly I was mistaken.

The important part is the software and the arm.


No time, no time.

I actually cut back on growing them severely because they’re just wasted. Right now my sunsugar plant gives me about 4 to snack on outside with my morning coffee. :slight_smile:

if you had a robot gardener you’d have more time to write your blog post about why these robot gardeners are bad ideas. sheesh so short sighted.

personally, I’m waiting for iRobot to get into it before I decide. I want to get them in on this soon so I can live to see the day when my Roomba yells at the Gardenba™ for tracking dirt into the house.


A lot of the yard work I did as a child involved weeding. I feel like that’s the hardest part of having a garden.

I’d love to have a discount weed smashing version! Watching a robot smash 20 weeds a minute would be extremely satisfying.

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