Develop your green thumb with these cool home gardening aids 

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Or just executive desk trash?


coming from such a tech-heavy haven as Boing Boing

Methinks StackCommerce has not really understood its target market here.

And a Solar Powered Firefly LED Light String has the square root of bugger all to do with gardening. Which is pretty much what we can also say about a multi-function folding emergency shovel - the sort of thing designed to be kept in the boot (trunk) of your car for when you get bogged down in slippery stuff. Anyone using one of those for gardening is either pretty desperate or has rather missed the point.

And the rest of the other crapgadgets here are all indoor desk toys.

So, yeah @StackCommerce, thanks for the patronising “have you ever thought about gardening?” question and for all the crap that has nothing to do with actual gardening.


Old BoingBoing: medium length piece on the differences in raising sativa vs indica in your basement grow-op, equipment sourced at your local hardware store

New BoingBoing: a looooong article offering about $700 worth of useless overpriced chichi gardening crap that is all of absolutely no use in ramping up your weed production but might impress an idiot with your gardening prowess


My few tips as a new gardener:

Start with good dirt, a lot of composted content, figure out how you might fertilize going forward, fish oil, adding more compost to the top is valid, “top dressing”. Do not go crazy, just find some good compost and use that.

We put straw around all our plants and it kept the weeds down dramatically, and kept the soil moisture in. it is also a good source of microbes and stuff. Bales of straw are about 7 bucks a bale in the city, cheaper in the country.


I was hoping for things like how to make a raised bed, how to make a raised be hoophouse…

Of course it’s almost August, so where I live it’s more like time to think about snow removal tool cleanup and preparation. Too late to plant almost anything now.

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There are a number of fall things, but the best and easiest is garlic I am told.

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Yeah there are a bunch of things you can still plant (depending on your zone of course)

I really should have bought that $99 battery powered tiller on meh.


“Bales of straw” in the city are usually bales of hay, because even the stores that sell them don’t know the difference. Trying to explain what seeds are to somebody in a “farm stand” is foolish.

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yeah. I get it something needs to pay the bills but seriously? this is garbage that really has next to nothing to do with gardening.

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