Survey says weed prices are crashing in Colorado

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Needs lower. Those are still higher than Canadian street prices for the good stuff.


How do we do it? Volume!!!

Has there been any qualitative comparison between Canadian weed and legally grown Colorado weed? Maybe organically grown boutique pot grown in Colorado is simply far superior to what is grown in Canada and deserves a higher price.

Kind of like Scotch vs. Canadian Whiskey.


Considering it is about as hard to grow as a non hybridized tomato, color me unsurprised. Speaking of which my tomatoes are kicking ass. A couple friends have commented, “well, my plants are taller than yours”. To which I reply, " so how many ripe ones have you picked so far? Oh, , none? You’ll get there buddy!".

Did someone say competitive? I swear I just heard someone say competitive…

Regardless of plant I am gonna set up some hydroponics again this fall. What I really want to do is build a small fish pond and use oxygenated water from that as the root nutrients, and a light organic automated foliar spray for the core nutrients.


I’d be interested in similar stats for Washington.



You need to eat mo4r of those “tomatoes.”


Sweet 100, mortgage lifter, early girl, brandywine, and green zebra :smile:

Plants are cool, and even if you don’t smoke them MJ and even tobacco are pretty.

As for the Market Crashing, I suspect it will become similar to the alcohol market. Some strains and growers will become sought after, and 80% will be supplying a minimum viable product.


“Regardless of plant”… Seems like a lot of trouble to go through to grow tomatoes… My experience with tomatoes has been that if you’ve planted them once, you’ve got them forever as any that you miss/get insect or animal damaged and release seen into your soil, they’re harder to get rid of than dandelions. Never once had to use a automated foliar spray system to provide core nutrients…

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Heh, try growing them in the winter in the NW, or virtually any time in the SW. Plus what I really want to do is simply extend seasons and reduce tilth killing industrial fertilizers.

Some fish, a few cloches, light hydro and foliar, and I should be there. (Need a new ph meter though…)

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I’m sure some people smoke ditch weed in Canada, I’ve just never seen it happen.

That’s not saying Canadian hydro is better or worse, it’s got a good rep it deserves. When switching between countries I would pay 3x in US* (in illegal markets, I haven’t been to CO or WA since legalization) what I paid in Canada for comparable weed, so the fact of any US weed approaching that price point is a dramatic improvement.

*now, in the US I also had the option of buying cheap bricked weed for the standard $15 a quarter, like when I was a teenager, but I’ve never once seen that crap so far north. Which is kinda lame in a way, as some people might prefer a $15 quarter to a $40 eighth if they don’t mind all the seeds and a hint of gasoline.


Those plants are darn near a weed, if you aren’t breeding for strong strains anyway. I remember a friend in college who was taking pilots lessons who said they called the sheriff about half of his flights cause they would spot a patch.
Some years after that while tromping about the back 40 of the then girlfriends parent’s house we came across about 10 plants a good 7+ feet tall.
Then on one of my visits back home after moving out to Seattle my mom showed me a small one that sprouted up in their very urban yard, probably seeds that drifted over from the neighbors who partook heavily.


Weed prices are crashing and Biblical curses are rising. Coincidence? I think not!

US teen dies from rare case of plague in Colorado

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Absolutely true and not just for those particular plants. Corn plants standing tall in the evening sun are beautiful, as are the bright purple skins of freshly dug potatoes (purple viking). MJ, tomatillos, and okra all look to me like alien plants with their jagged foilage and interesting fruit.

I’ll see your list and raise you Sunsugar, Mr. Stripey, Black Krim, La Roma, and Yellow Pear!

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Woot!! Love me some yellow pear toms. And there is always next year :smiley:

Is this conversation a heavily coded growers tips and tricks section or what?


weird. Maybe CA is more “west” than “southwest”, but we have no problem growing tomatoes here. Humboldt does a pretty damn good job of it too!

Actually, pretty funny cross over, but there was a “thing” a while back with growers handing red christmas ornaments on their plants so they’d look like tomato plants from the air…

“what? cheap good weed? oh no!” :smile:

I should probably have an ounce of sympathy, but Colorado dealers nickel and dimed me most of my early twenties. karma.


Heh, not to get too much into the weeds but Humboldt is pretty different than Indio. And ever try to grow in Caliche? I am not discounting your experiences, but different areas have different challenges.

I loved growing in river bottom soil from the Willamette, but the ash from the burn pile always outperformed. And while winter overseeding with clover fixes nitrogen, it can kill any hope of squash producing anything but leaves.

Anyway, and truly, happy gardening! It drops my BP ten points every time I go to trim suckers :smile: