Growing things at home is easy, and fun!


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Growing things at home is easy, and fun!

I know.


Ooh, pretty!


See all this nod and wink always pissed me off. Because I’m only legitimately interested in the legitimate garden uses of this legitimate product (legitimatly) . Either it’s decent for growing plants in doors or not. No-one fooling anyone or providing themselves with legal cover.

I’ve run into the same issue with the pax vaporizers. Which near as I can tell were actually originally developed to work with whole leaf pipe tobacco. Temps too low for pot, but right in range for pipe tobacco. But there’s no actual information anywhere about how they are with pipe tobacco.

Or when I started growing edible mushrooms. The largest, beat source on the subject is a forum 90% dedicated to psychedelics and Chinese herbal medicine. So trying to trouble shoot your slow shiitakes results in Google results about the tripping balls for free.

If your growing weed your not fooling anyone, including the courts. So stop calling the “tomatoes” and tell me if your shit is actually good for tomatoes. I’ve got a late August not fetish to feed.


Shiitake mushrooms? What an incredible PITA to grow indoors. I did it for a school science project in a terrarium using sawdust (it’s faster than using logs, but it’s fussier and I was lucky to have access to an industrial coffee maker that I could abuse to sterilize all that sawdust). Got an A and some really good soup, but I wouldn’t do it again just to have home grown shiitakes… how did you eventually make out?


Indoors and buckets of saw dust not worth the trouble. Outdoors on logs stupid easy. But try googling that fact. In an hour or so. You’ll learn all about different strains of psychedelics. And nothing more than basic info about how to do the logs

The logs take a lot longer but they’re on auto pilot after the first season. Hit em with a hose every once in a while. And there’s a lot more density of mushroom food in a block of hard wood so they’ll fruit for like 5 years. Bigger and more flushes as they mature.

I have some beech mushroom going too, they seem to be much slower. And I might toss some other varieties out there. The buckets and wood chips I’d never bother with again. Too finicky. Too time consuming. Too much chance for failure. The logs I can’t believe how simple they were.


Actually, googling for “shiitake indoors” readily yields, which is about all the info you could possibly want about growing shiitake indoors using various sawdust substrates (pain in the ass, but cheaper at scale than using terrariums).

But yeah, finding detailed info on growing it on logs is hard to find, I guess because it’s slower than using sawdust (I like how one of the links on log growing advises that you might have a problem if your log isn’t fully inoculated after 18 months).


Like an irrational distrust and fear of human contact?


As above, depending on what you’re growing, yes, quite possibly. :slight_smile:


It’s more in the trouble shooting. You start trying to rundown some specific issue your having, especially with the logs or any less common variety of mushroom. You end up digging through the forum posts. And the forum posts invariably yield results about hallucinogens. A lot of the more formal info sources are targeted at commercial scale growing too. The info out there and readily findable, but you wade through a lot of useless stuff. And the specific answer you need might be crowded out.


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