This alien-like time-lapse video shows how to grow mushrooms from a kit

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People tell me all the time I’m a fungi.


Is this fungi joke the ne plus ultra comment thread joke or maybe the Godwin’s Law equivalent of all mushroom related comment threads?
Or maybe it’s like the Don’t Panic button from Hitchhiker’s Guide, that is, once it’s been said everyone can calm down and get on with the business of NOT asking about psilocybin too soon.
Either way, thank you for your service.




that seemed like some impressive time lapse camera work, even with the occasional hiccup in lighting


I’m curious whether one can take one of these kits, divvy it up and use it to inoculate more growth media. Infinite mushrooms?

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I grow wine cap mushrooms in my yard. I have occasionally taken a chunk of mycelium inoculated wood chips and moved it to new locations in the garden. I think for indoor kits that require sterile medium, you might run into some issues keeping other mold and fungus from taking over, but one solution I know involves a pressure cooker to sterilize the grow medium. The instructions also uses a liquid spoor preparation, so I don’t know how to do that at home, but at least creating a sterile grow medium isn’t too hard.


Reminds me of Fat Freddy’s mutated sock fungus hybrid overgrowing the Freak Brothers’ appartement building after a failed attempt to cultivate shrooms.

Sterile isn’t strictly necessary (fungi grow in the wild, right?), but if you want any success at all cultivating them, being rigid about it will go a long way.

Sure, in theory.
If you try and stretch a particular line of mycelium too far, it will eventually succumb to senescence and competitors will overtake it. It’s possible to slow the process down by cloning from a mushroom body onto agar, and cultivating from that same clone over and over, as long as you get results.
Finally, you can collect spores from your growing mushrooms, and use those to inoculate new growth medium, which starts from scratch, so to speak.

I was thinking of using spent grain from beer brewing as a medium. It should be pretty sterile from mashing.

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You’ll also need to be aware of contamination from things floating in the air. The cheapest way to prevent that is to use a still-air box. The idea is that absent any air currents, anything floating around will drop straight down, so you can get “sterile enough” without a clean room or flow hood.

You can make a SAB from a large plastic storage tub with two coffee can sized arm holes cut into it. Turn it upside down and you’re done.

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