Melting hand-candles that bleed and leave behind skeletal fingers

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I would pay hard-earned coin for a candle that does the following (minus the eyeglasses suddenly moving, which sort of ruined the original for me).


Aren’t you supposed to make this from the hand of a hanged murder?


Not a new idea, I suspect, except for maybe the internal skeleton. Actually, the last time I heard about a hand-candle, I understood that it was a significant fire hazard. But in this case the internal skeleton would take up a significant volume, so perhaps it would be safer?

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Totes been done. It’s not as spectacular as you might hope.

I think you need some proper air currents for the best effect.


The Laundry says you can make them from pigeon feet. You don’t even need to kill them, which is why so many London pigeons only seem to have one foot.



(The hands of fate.)


“Sped up” in time-lapse it gives the impression of being “useful enough” as a Halloween table-top knick-knack or as a creepy prop to titillate the kiddies. But this is a candle; it’ll be in your face, gradually burning down, sticking out like a sore thumb (sorry), and slowly punctuating the fact that you spent 35 bucks on it. I have a feeling though that anyone who’d purchase it would also invest in this:


Oh, the humanity-he-he-he-he-he-he.

OMG - that brought back memory of a childhood nightmare caused by an old TV show called Combat in which an soldier gets his hands burned down to skeleton hands… crap, almost forgot that forever.

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You could buy these in the 90s every Halloween for about ten bucks.

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