Indiana Jones Nazi Face Melting Candle is Sweet Revenge


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Melt a Nazi with the Major Toht candle

Growing up, Jaws was nightmare #1 followed closely by melting Nazi face.


Large Marge!


“On this very night, ten years ago, on this same stretch of road, in the dense fog, just like this, I saw the worst accident I ever seen. There was this sound, like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building. And when they finally pulled the driver’s body from the twisted, burning wreck, it looked like…THIS!”


To get the full effect of the candle make a video of it burning then play it back at high speed.


What scent is it?


There is no companion Indy figure, as Toht’s face would have melted had Indy been involved or not.


It smells like the fourth movie, sadly.


Here you go:


I remember buying an issue of… Cinemagic, I want to say?.. that had an article purporting to show you how to do the melting-Toht-face effect from Raiders. But as soon as I read the article, I knew it was actually showing you how to make the half-formed Beta Unit effect from The Last Starfighter.

Damn. Since I can’t find the article anywhere, I can’t show you why I thought this was relevant. Oh, well. Carry on.


To get the true cinematic effect, one would want to melt it using a heat gun aimed at the face and film in time lapse. At least I assume that’s what the filmers did back in 1982. But this product probably doesn’t have the internal wax color gradations to make it look like the movie effect.


Everyone hates Nazis.

I think a lot of Trump supports might disagree with this…


Yes, I was thinking something might be lost without color gradations.

Do these guys have patent protection? I’d have expected to see a lot more knockoffs by now.


Now that’s just wrong. :pouting_cat:


Oooh! I disagree. I want! Maybe a cat one, and the bunny one too!

Wish they made a human one. The skeletons are cool-looking.


Smells like Victory


You want bones? If you ever get to DC go to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and visit the Hall of Bones. Now those are some cool sets of bones.


Those are cool! I haven’t been there in… uh… well, over 25 years. I’ll have to visit next chance I get. I do like skeletons.

My long-term goal is to try to finagle some way I can leave my own skeleton behind to be mounted in the foyer of my house upon my death. Preferably in some winsome pose.

My kids seemed to like the idea when I broached it to them on the way to school this morning.


And now I want to combine some of those laser-cut metal 3D jigsaws with some candlewax.
Re-enact the war of 1812 with your own melty White House!

And an articulated hand with a glove cast could make a brillliant “Hand of Glory” candle. Carefully positioned with a couple of fixed points at the joints would let the fingers fold as it burns down to reveal a skeletal :middle_finger:.

Halloweens coming. Someone make that last one so I don’t have to. It’ll only be shit if it do it.


I wonder if these would be ok for use as shabbos candles?