Star Wars scented candles: Yoda's cooking pot, Imperial trash compactor, Wookiee fur


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Excuse me. I think Chewie was in there with them.




Han Solo Carbonite :

If anyone thinks this is the perfect scent for a romantic evening, you should PM me…


Wow. As I was reading through the list, my mind’s nose had a surprisingly good memory of what I expect those smells to be! Except for the really disgusting ones. Big censored bar over those. Some scents are never entertaining, never.


Pretty sure it’s canon that Wookiees continue to smell after death.




it’s no


Scientology’s Super Power Rundown takes sci-fi smell to the next level.

We think this is how it looks in practice:


Smell what?





These candles are actually by Numskull, Merchoid are just one of the retailers that sell 'em!


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