Star Wars chocolates: Death Star, Millennium Falcon, Han in Carbonite truffle bars!


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eh huehuehue… because casting is new. hue.

“Gimme two!”
“Sorry, only one tub per family! That’s Whole Beef Halves! We deliver. Everywhere.”
[offer not good after curfew in sectors ‘R’ or ‘N’]
“They never come up into the hills…”

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I love chocolate, probably more than breathing. And I still remember the moment I saw the commercial for the first Star Wars movie. I was 12 and probably the perfect age for that movie to hit. And who doesn’t love kitsch? But grey “chocolate”. :frowning: Ick.


scarf blom blom blom burp!

Sorry for the mess.

Ya, but I’ll take some Vader heads.
next time that the wife asks what I want for my birthday… Woman, bring me the head of Vader!

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I don’t think their quality control is quite up to “Han Solo in carbonite,” if the most photogenic example they can find is missing all its fingertips and has several large holes in its face.


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