Disneyland-scented candles


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I’d love to see a line of candles that capture the true scents of the various rides:
• Pirates of the Caribbean: chlorine, mildew, a burning village
• Spaceship Earth: plastic, ozone, a burning library
• Polynesian Resort: teriyaki, rum, waterfall
• Main Street USA: popcorn, corn dogs, asphalt, suntan lotion

I’ve actually heard that this candle scent is the exact same scent used as air freshener in the hotels, but haven’t smelled it to find out.


You forgot the rotting baby diaper stashed behind the seat cushion smell.


So countdown to a cease and desist starting…now?


I wonder if it smells anything like the “Candle Store” scented candle from Yankee Candle?


Maybe next they’ll sell It’s A Small World water.


The monorail smell is the one that always sticks with me, odd mix of sweat and farm animal (strong goat overtones). Not scented candle material, that one.


What about “unwashed character costume mid-August?”


That’s what I was thinking. Sold by a former attorney?


The smell of Backstage Disney will stay with me forever.

It’s not a particularly bad smell (horseshit and firework sulfur. A lot like a county fair, really), but the transition of sneaking through a hidden door in a wall, and going from cotton candy and churros to stables in the same breath made my head spin.


Re: Monorail smell.
And plastic and vinyl heated in the Florida sun.


And people say you’re hard to shop for, Cory :wink:


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