Candle that smells like a motorcycle engine


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Reaching for my asthma inhaler as I read this.


Tangentially related: Would you buy an air freshener (candle or plugin) that smelled like leather car interior or maybe coffee?


“New Car” smelly candle is available. I think I got that from a Mall type store a few years ago for my car salesperson friend.


“Man who wanted motorcycle to run like candle makes compromise.”


For the people in your life who inhale deeply when they hear ‘aromatic hydrocarbons’…


Want me to come over and rev the R90s in your living room?


Finally a decent scent in a stinky candle.


High octane? You don’t use high-test in a motorcycle. Have these noobs ever even seen a bike?


Unlikely. The smell is likely to be off anyway; the cinnamon ones are cassia at best, no reason to believe they will get an engine smell right.


I have a giant ‘cappuccino candle’ in a jar that someone gave me that I burn as an air freshener / other smell disguiser sometimes.

I love the smell of two-stroke engines. That is the smell of fun, from my childhood. Skidoos. Outboard motors on a fishing boat. And later, motorbikes. It is mostly the skidoos that come to mind though when I get a whiff. Ridging around on a toboggan or inner tube, through huge snow drifts behind a snowmobile. I’d light this candle for Christmas.


If I were to enjoy the smell of a 2 stroke I’d want it to also have the scent of pine sap. Now that’s a real memory-scent for me. Limbing trees with a chainsaw.

/Does your cappuccino candle really smell like it though? I’ve seen coffee candles, but they never actually smell like coffee.

//Woodsmoke and BBQ air fresheners. Just occurred to me.


2-stroke smell? Nah, napalm in the morning.


I have a cedar candle that smells decent. Of course, I made it myself with actual cedar oil I extracted from a tree we topped. Very big candle, just a little weensy bit of cedar oil. Doesn’t stink up the whole house.

Bonus: It repels flies and mosquitoes without smelling like the gross citronella stuff.


Christmas will always smell like 70s plastics to me. The smell of OG Star Wars figures is the most festive scent.


I was surprised you didn’t post this.

My wife got me a candle that supposedly smells like Istanbul.

The nicer, clean, sanitized and touristy parts of fantasy-Istanbul I presume.


We’re all different people here, but we have similar tastes.


How did you get the oil? Do tell!


Hydraulic press crushing sawdust.

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