Purfume fad: smell like burning or decomposing vegetation

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Yep; save some money and just rub some of that on your pulse points.

Now that I think of it; there should be an “Eau de la Nouvelle Auto”


Great, so now women as well as men are going to start going around smelling of toxic waste. Just what I wanted.


I’m so ahead of the curve!

Those sound nice, as “notes.” I don’t think anybody is actually making “perfume that smells like” …whatever.

So, patchouli then?

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I’ve actually got a bottle of this. Smells nicer than you’d expect. Earthy and soft.


Perfume that smells of decaying vegetation reminds me of “Dior Catafalque” from Stand On Zanzibar by John Brunner:

“That’s a very curious perfume you’re wearing, darling.”

Nervous laugh. “Of course, you’re an expert on that, aren’t you? Do you like it? It’s a bit musty, isn’t it? It’s something called Dior Catafalque that my mother gave me when she heard I was coming to your party.”

“Catafalque? Really? Isn’t that the thing they lay out corpses on when they’re lying in state?”

“Yes - I think that’s the idea. It’s supposed to be sort of musty and decaying.” Shudder. “Actually it’s pretty horrible, but it is in period, isn’t it?”

“Goodness, I wouldn’t know for certain. I’ll take your word for it, though.”


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A co-worker of mine wears a perfume that smells like the first time you turn on the forced-air furnace in the season.


You’d be surprised! There’s niche/boutique perfume makers who specialize in unusual scents, such as Demeter, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and CB I Hate Perfume. The latter has scents such as burning leaves, a summer kitchen, or old books in a library.


Now in these great new styles:

Burning Books (for neocon metrosexuals)

Liar Liar Hair and Pants on Fire (for those employed in The Media)

“Notable Tire Fires” (for people recognizing either environmental injustices, street riots, or both)

Underground Coal Seam Burning Since 1962 (for the old school types)

What Is That Smell of Impending Doom? (for the anti-old school types who recognize underground fires but want to signal their choice of nuclear over coal)

Massive General Garbage Fire, which is the on-trend scent since January 20, 2017

Let’s skip over the “how much carbon are we dumping in the air these days” and go straight to the music, shall we?


Seein’ as I already compost all things compost-able, it is comforting to know now that I’m saving money on cologne.


How bout that construction dump in Chicago?

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old books in a library?

I fucking love you for this. My favorite smell in the whole world is antiquarian bookshop smell.

I love this thread, I have always wanted s cologne that smelled like burning leaves, both because I listen to Type O Negative too much, and that I actually like the smell.

So now people here hate me…

I recommend Eau de Baux from L’Occitane. My normal, smells of Frankincense and cedar.


I grew up visiting DER busts on tire fires. I had a weird childhood.

I can attest that it smells unbelievably bad!

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I find Earthworm to be far superior to Dirt, where Dirt has almost no aroma whatsoever, Earthworm smells like sticking your nose in musty soil.

Though if you are looking for that next level of harsh-naturel I would suggest A City on Fire by Imaginary Authors


Their burning leaves smell is eerily authentic. Fair warning that their old-book scent is more of an old-library scent, so it’s got a lot of leather and a bit of pipe tobacco going on. I’ve seen a few places doing antiquarian book scents so you might do some googling around if you just want the scent of musty paper and bindings.


however I missed the lecture recently to my cost… :frowning: