"Pirate Water" and other fragrances inspired by Disney resorts

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OH god, I hope it doesn’t smell like real pirates.


I got a few of these for a friend for Christmas.

“Pineapple Float” is a perfect Dole Whip scent and the Haunted Mansion scent is nice and dusty and atmospheric, but the “Pirate Water” scent doesn’t really work well at making a room smell like Pirates of the Caribbean. But it’s not a bad smell and makes a cute gift.

Pirate Water? Is that like the cologne from Anchorman? Eewwwww

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Aaand we should be very thankful of that. Honestly, that is one not so good smelling ride to those of us with more sensitive senses of smell.

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Yeah, its scent isn’t “good”, but it’s definitely memorable.

A few years back, a perfume company marketed a room spray called “Dark Ride” that was a really reasonable facsimile of that scent, and would give a room that musty, Bromine-and-ozone odor. Weirdly, they now only sell it as eau de perfume.

I’m amazed they haven’t been sued into oblivion. Messing with copyright is one thing, but messing with trademarks?

There are non-Disney (and pre-Disney) books including Pinocchio’s Village. Unless someone has already trademarked a fragrance by that name they should be OK.

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Blackbeard’s Delight


I’ve smelled the innards of a horse that died in pasture, then got brought in 3 days later (in summer) to have a necropsy.

That was also “memorable”…

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I was gonna say that too.

Shouldn’t pirate water smell like cholera?

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Nothing with the smell of cash?

They forgot Northern Tourist Sweat, the odor of people blindsided by the humidity of Orlando…and Pipsqueak Puke, the smell of children’s by-product resulting from eating too much overpriced, crap food before riding the Space Mountain coaster.

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They’ve been very careful about stepping over trademark bounds. I honestly keep expecting Disney to buy them and make their candle scents official.

Nobody’s marketing a necrotic horse-gut candle, but there seem to be plenty of folks out there who enjoy the nostalgic musty-water scent of their favorite ride :slight_smile:

I was going to say “evocative” - anyone who’s been on that ride knows exactly what it is. But do I want to smell like it? No, no I do not.

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Ah the aroma of wet diaper, spilled soda, and human misery.

The funny (and kind of messed up thing) is that we did make a candle of it. Well, not a “candle” technically, but we did turn off the lights, stick a 22ga needle into the abdomen, and light the off-gassing methane. It was the grossest sputtering torch I’ve ever seen (or smelled).

And yeah, I wax hyperbolic about the smell, but the smell of that particular ride is one that’s always bugged me. That and the fake “butter” on popcorn. But I’m weird about smells. Make a candle that genuinely smells of old books (not just one that purports to), and I’ll buy out the stock!

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