Meltwater lake forms at North Pole

I Just this minute looked at the live webcam and I saw… ice.

I want to register a complaint with the chicken little department of meteorology, as I was promised a lake at the North Pole and all I got was ice.

Why are we fucked?

Why does everyone get all excited about this? The earth’s crust has changed radically over its lifespan and will continue to evolve radically until our solar system collides with Andromeda or our Sun explodes or we get hit with some super massive deathball from space. DEATHBALL!!! (said in the most metal voice ever).

I have to call into question the concern people are worried about. We live on an ever evolving planet. The crust beneath us will shift, change and move in radical ways over the life of the planet. Oceans will dry and reform. Mountains will dissolve and reform. Continents will drift, shift and collide to reappear on the other side.

Instead of trying to fight the unbeatable tide of planetary change we should develop ways to adapt to our ever changing environment.

Shitty tornadoes in the midwest? Build dome shape concrete homes.
Horrible hurricanes in the gulf. GTFO of that region.
Earthquakes in Cali/Japan. GFTO of that area.

Why do we portend that we can control the planets evolution?

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